Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Hurray" another muddy,rainy day,when I let the dogs out this morning I took a shovel and cleaned out a couple of our ditches that over filled last night so water wouldn't wash our drive away.I came back in and cut and wrapped all my cakes ,got everything loaded and headed out to market. There were few customers when I got there and it didn't get much better which made for a loooong day.Always rainy days are slow,I guess no one likes to get out and shop in the rain.I crocheted tops on 4 towels between customers.Then I had to load van in the rain(oh joy), looking like a drowned rat(my hair and rain just do not mix well), I headed out to run my errands,bank,P.O., 3 Avon deliveries,Aldi and Walmart, I know everyone is wondering what grease bucket I've had my head in.Dark clouds loomed large when I headed home but no storms yet just drizzly rain.Got the craving for a cappuccino, not thinking about the fact that I hadn't eaten much today,I indulged my craving,I don't know if it was the sugar or caffene or just an empty stomach ,but by the time I got home I was in a soaking sweaty sickened state,this has happened before but not this bad,I came in the house and had a piece of cheese and some crackers and felt better. Daughter helped me unload and put things away ,hubbie came home and we took a break while watching the news.G-son came to stay while his mom and dad went to pick up another piece of equipment.We ate supper of the left-overs from yesterday and played until mom and dad got back and aunt T came in from running.We all had a wonderful visit I enjoy the kids so much when they are around I just feel so comforted.
After everyone left hubbie and I went to clean church,it started raining hard and thundering and lightening while we were there. When we got home I checked the rain gauge and it has 1/3" already tonight and it is continuing to rain pretty hard as it is now after 11:00,everything is pretty well water logged, what a difference a year makes as last year we were in such a terrible drought.I guess I rather have the rain than worry about wells drying up and things dyeing of thirst,we must remember God has a plan and this is just a part of it as He knows best.That bed is sure going to feel good tonight.God Bless and Good Night.

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Claudia said...

I got the shakes yesterday ... not sure if it was b.c my stomach was empty or what but when this baby wants to eat it has to be right away or my blood sugar drops. :)

I love to go to bed in hear the rain ... it's like a comforting feeling to me for some reason.

Hopefully Sat. won't be raining as bad and you can have a good day at the market again.