Saturday, August 1, 2009


Up and busy cutting and wrapping cakes and loading van for market early this morning.
Market was very busy today isles were full of people and they were buying.I didn't have a super sell-out day but it was good enough.When I was loading after market I re-hurt my neck injury of several years ago.I stopped at Aldi and Walmart for supplies on the way home.
When hubbie and I finished unloading and got everything put away it was tylenol and a heat wrap for my neck,after a couple hours the pain went away,thank you Lord.
B-friend brought his dog over to spend the night here because he was going out of town tonight,we made a small lot for him.He is an older big black lab so I don't think he will try to climb out.
#1 son called and said they were having a wonderful time,he and g-son had stayed on the water slide all day.
After a light supper of BLT and ear of fresh corn,I cut chives for potato salad and picked green beans for lunch tomorrow.I took a long walk this evening,it has been a sunny,hot day but clouds are starting to build up and we are suppose to get more rain tonight and tomorrow,the air feels pretty juicy.
I went up to church to put out some flowers 1 of the elderly ladies ask me to get for her in memory of her late husband for this Sunday.I hope she likes them.Church will be different tomorrow as all the decorations are all up for BIBLE School,I talked to the preacher while I was there and he brought in a small podium to preach from.There is a huge train engine that blows smoke,it has been a lot of work putting everything together but we are blessed with so many wonderful volunteers it is sometimes unbelievable how it all gets done,there was a lot of people there tonight getting things ready.
I enjoy Saturday nights as this is 1 of few nights I'm not working,it's so nice just to relax.That is how I'm spending this Saturday night,after I finish this I'm hitting the couch.See you at Church tomorrow praising our Heavenly Father.Good Night.

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