Friday, August 14, 2009


Woke to ringing phone, 1st with Avon order then a cake order,I'm fully awake now so might as well get up.It is another foggy morning (another snow!!!!) hubbie is off today so he is catching up on outside stuff while waiting for the grass to dry so he can hopefully mow before it rains.Sun came out and it is only 76, nice weather, wish I could spend some time outside this morning but my ovens are calling.I did go out and pick some fresh blackberries probably the last I will have for some bread.I baked 28 layers for iced cakes, 4 granny pound ,2 peach wine, 1 blackberry wine, 2 loaves fresh blackberry bread,2 chocolate pound, and some chocolate chip muffins, glazed the wine cakes and ate sandwich and chips and salsa for lunch,finished all this by 2:15,whew!!!!!!!
Hubbie is now mowing grass and it is cloudy,hope he beats the rain.I went outside and put flea drops on 1 dog then I couldn't find the other 2, don't know why they hate this stuff so bad,someone once told me it is because they are all Australian Shepherds and they have such a keen since of smell it bothers them, although I now use a brand I can't smell, but then I'm sure my smeller isn't as good as theirs.Temps are now in the mid 80's and it feels humid,at least he got the mowing done and now is off on the tractor to bushhog in the pastures.I'm wondering where that plumber is that was suppose to call and come give me an estimate,I hate it when you have to call back and say "remember me" I want to maybe give you some work!!!!!!
I did some (never ending) paperwork and some ironing then took a coffee break.
After a cup of coffee I wrapped and labeled some cakes,here is some of my mornings work....
I decided to go walk early today,it is pretty cloudy and cooler so it won't be to hot,uummm, the smell of freshly cut grass I love it.I discovered our waterhole is almost dry, more digging for hubbie tomorrow.
I came in and ate a salad for supper and we went to clean the church a bit early tonight.
When we got home hubbie helped me put the flea drops on the other dogs before I fed them,I hate that they act like it hurts them but it's better than being covered with fleas and ticks.
I iced 12 caramel cakes, 5 chocolate, 3 coconut and wrapped and cut all I could tonight,hubbie made boxes for my orders before he went to bed.
I seem to have my energy back tonight,THANK YOU JESUS.
As I walked today I was wishing I had a better camera to take close-up pictures,I think I'll start looking up some info to see what I need to do what I want.
This has been a lovely day, busy but nice Glory be to God for all the things we got done today.
It is 11:45 and I'm through for the day.GOD LOVES YOU AND ME. good night.

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