Monday, August 10, 2009


WOW!!!What a day,when I got up this morning I had a list of "to do's" a mile long and only hoped to get some of it done.It is about 6:00 in the evening now and I am patting myself on the back for all I can mark off my list.Okay hang on ,the day started with a call from daughter-in-love saying g-son was coming late today,soooooooo!!! I had already washed 2 loads of laundry and hung them out to dry.Then it was salsa making time I doubled my recipe since I had so many tomatoes and made 10 pints.....Then I washed up all these huge bowls and pots that rarely ever get used except for this time of year,no wonder my cabinets look crammed full with all these in there,maybe 1 of these days I will have a cabinet just for canning time.I'll leave them out because I have more canning to do tonight and tomorrow.
While I was making salsa I finished and sent in my Avon order.
I had a tomato sandwich for lunch and took a small break outside.It is getting cloudy so I took the dry laundry off the lines and put it away.
Then it was on to my cabinet cleaning chores,since we are going to have our house replumbed I need to organize things under my sinks and in my towel closets so they can be easily emptied when the plumber gets here.Oh Dear what a mess,I can't remember the last time I was in some of these places,all the trash cans are full and I have a big basket of extra cleaning stuff and found some towels I haven't seen in quite a while,but the job is totally done,YEEESSSSS.
Daughter-in-love brought g-son in sound asleep,we layed him on the couch.I decided to catch up on my month end paperwork at least some of it and never expected to finish, but I did I am now officially through with the month of July YEEESSSSSS again.
Got a call from the Sheriffs Dept saying there was cows out on our road,it was quite a distance from us so I gave her the name of another man who's they probably are,then crossed my fingers and went looking for ours,"Thank you Lord", ours were all in the barn and upper pasture away from the road.I was worried because d-in-love said there was an accident right at our driveway as she went out to work so I was hoping a fence didn't get knocked down somewhere.
Hubbie came home ,g-son woke up and the storms started all at about the same time,hubbie said it was the neighbors cows out .It rained hard with thunder and lightening,we got 1 1/4" in about an hour.Then the sun came back out mountain weather,you gotta love it.
We fixed supper of left-overs and fixed g-son some macaroni and cheese.After we ate g-son wanted to play in his playroom with his pawpaw.So I am blogging now in case I get busy tonight,daughter and I are supposed to make her jam,I need to call her and see what her schedule is for tonight.I've got more tomatoes and tomorrow I will make some pasta sauce from them.
Went walking even in the wet grass, gosh it feels like a sauna outside,creek was really muddy and up some.....water is usually clear and meandering as pic on left but today it was muddy and in a big hurry.It must have rained harder up the creek than it did here.Hubbie will probably have more digging to do when it goes back down.
When I got back to the house daughter was here with sugar,wax and lids ready to make jam. We made 11 jars and had some left over to eat,boy is it good and it is really pretty in the jars,she is going to use some for Christmas presents......She is going back this weekend to pick more and make more jam and some berries to freeze,I told her she better watch for snakes in those berry patches.
After jam making I baked some cakes 1 granny pound, 2 blackberry wine and 1 chocolate pound. I just took them out of the ovens and put the glaze on the wine cakes.
So that pretty much wraps up all my "to do" list for today plus some and it is only 11:00,I wish I could get this much done everyday or, maybe not, I'm very tired .Tomorrow is another day and it will be here before I know it.ALL THE THINGS I ACCOMPLISHED TODAY I KNOW WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT HELP FROM MY HEAVENLY FATHER AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH FOR STANDING BESIDE ME AND GIVING ME STRENGTH. GOOD NIGHT.

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