Saturday, August 29, 2009


Up early today for market day,got everything loaded and got to market at 9:30,no parking places so I just stopped behind what I knew were other vendors cars and watched for someone to leave while we unloaded,hubbie found a good parking spot under a tree.Very busy day, isles were full of people and they were buying today.Hubbie left for his dads about 11:00 and I stayed busy all day.I sold almost all my towel angels as well as some other crafts and a lot of cakes,plus took 2 (12) caramel cake orders ,one for next Thursday,one for Thanksgiving already.Had 2 customers pick up their Avon orders.
When I left market I went to Go Grocery to get some dog food,took Avon books to Barker House,went to Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies and made 1 Avon delivery.Talked to daughter on the way home ,she has been coaching volleyball all day in a tournament and she was hoarse from yelling,I guess she is going to coach the JV team at the local High School starting next week.Got home at 4:00,unloaded and put things away and had a snack. I had bought some new hot dog relish so we decided we wanted hot dogs for supper so hubbie went to Ingles for hot dogs and buns while I rested. He grilled the dogs and the relish was delicious,he also made some slaw from a cabbage we had.
After we ate hubbie went to the garden to dig potatoes,pick tomatoes,squash and cucumbers for lunch tomorrow,I bought green beans today as ours have stopped producing.I walked with the dogs and checked the pastures,I had to stand under a pine tree for a few minutes while a brief rain shower passed and then when the clouds started to beak up the whole western sky look like it was on fire....beautiful!!!!!!!!!

We are blessed with some of the greatest sunsets in the world right here in these mountains.
It was time to get back to the task of cleaning the basement so hubbie and I went to work,we got most of the stuff put away with just a few things that need to find a resting place and I even have a shelf left over I'll have to find a place for.We made a big difference in the unfinished part of the basement,and have nothing under the waterlines,so you can walk around and get to everything.
We came back upstairs and I ironed my clothes for church and then looked on the internet for a seal for my small canner I have a phone number to call Monday.Hubbie is breaking beans for tomorrow and I am blogging.
This is QUEEN ANNES LACE or WILD CARROT these bloom all summer in our pastures and are very pretty and dainty.All carrots you eat were derived from this plant and the main root of this flower is an edible carrot.These are biennial plants and only bloom every other year.
These little beautys are called CAROLINA BUTTERCUPS and usually bloom in early spring but stragglers continue to grace us with their presence throughout the warm season especially if it is damp,which it sure has been this summer.
Well the work week is about to come to an end for me and this has been a long,nerve frazzling one for me, looking forward to a relaxing Sunday with the family.See you in church tomorrow,God will be there. Good Night.

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