Saturday, August 22, 2009


Up early and getting ready for market,everything went smooth as silk this morning,uh oh.
Got to market about 9:30 no one was even impatiently waiting for me today.After we got set up hubbie bought corn from a neighbor and then he went on to grocery shop for his dad and check on him,he asked about the meals-on-wheels and his dad said no,so I guess that ends that.He is so stubborn, it is so aggravating and when he complains about having nothing to do, I feel like saying that's only because that's what you choose.It is very hard to help someone who won't let you.
On a lighter subject market was very busy today and I sold crafts and cakes, stayed constantly busy even when daughter brought me a greek salad for lunch I didn't have time to eat very much of it,but I sure enjoyed it when I got home.
I went to Aldi, Ingles and Walmart to pick up supplies for next Thursday then headed home.Hubbie was digging out the water hole in the creek when I got here so I unloaded and started putting things away until he came in.He was worried about our tomatoes getting worms in them,so I went up to the garden shed and found some insect dust for him to put on them,
those tomatoes are his babies. I was walking with the dogs when #1 son and g-son drove up to visit,it just made my day when g-son jumped out of the truck and came running and hugged my legs like he was so glad to see me,oh the joys of grandmotherhood are so sweet.We played outside until he said he was hungry,we came in and I fixed him a grilled cheese sandwich with brownies and milk.Hubbie and I had already eaten a light supper, #1 son ate a couple ears of fresh corn.D-in-love was on a photo shoot with a soon to be new mommy from our church.
When she came in she showed me some of the pictures and they are so good,she sure has a knack for picture taking.
After they went home hubbie and I reluctantly went downstairs to start moving things around for the plumber.To our surprise we pretty much got it all done except for some things that will have to wait and be moved the night before he comes.That just goes to show the dread of the job is much much worse than the actual job usually is. Anyway it gave us a chance to throw away a lot of junk that we don't need so when the plumbing is finished there won't be as much to put back.
We put on a big pot of beefstew to cook overnight for lunch tomorrow and hubbie is already in bed and I am headed that way as soon as I finish this.See you in church tomorrow to Worship Our Savior Jesus Christ. Good night.

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Claudia said...

I am not afraid of much in life but elderly years are scary to me because I see and hear how many "children" try to take care of their elderly parents and it is so hard because they don't reason, they don't want anything, they aren't happy with anything ... not sure I want to live like that and I certainly wouldn't like for my Nicolas and next child to have to deal with me in that stage ... what a hard place to be, not only for you guys but for him also. I think loosing something as precious as our independence is one of the hardest things for old people ... if they only knew everyone is just trying to help. Hard hard place to be.