Thursday, August 6, 2009


Up extra early and getting ready for market,loaded and made it there by 9:35,had 1 customer waiting.I had a good day today sold some crafts along with quite a few cakes.Between customers I crocheted tops on 3 towels,asked my neighbor about fixing a Christmas wreath for 1 of my Avon customers and when she said she would fix it,I called Peggy and she brought it right in.It's a little early for me to be worried about Christmas decorations ,but ohhhh wellllllll.
I left market and ran errands,bank,P.O., payed father-in-law's house insurance as it was at 1 of my Avon stops,I was suppose to pick up money for an order but she will have it next week,at other Avon delivery the girl was on vacation,it's 1 of those days!!! Looked for some seals for my pressure canners they were sold out of the 1 I really needed,like I said it's 1 of those days!!!! Stopped at Aldi,Walmart and Ingles for baking supplies for tomorrow.Made it home about 4:45,my legs and feet hurt............Hubbie helped me unload and put things away and while he cooked us a piece of chicken I layed down on the couch to watch the news.
G-son came at 5:45 ready to go to Bible school,he was extra excited today,he jumped out of his mom's car and ran and got in my van and said come on Nena.He has enjoyed this week so much it has been a blessing to watch.
We had 9 kids tonight but again had some extra help which was great.Tonight was a very interesting night and that's all I have to say.....This is break dancing at its finest......Bubbles are always fun,fun,fun................Two Amigos...............Making Memories
We all came home and daughter and I had a snack and then she went to bed and I iced 6 caramel cakes.I am going to try the picture upload again and then a soak in the tub and bed sounds great to me. May God's Blessings abound for you. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Thank you for all these cute pictures!! I've been checking your blog every morning b.c I know I'll find these two cuties on here.

We enjoyed VBS but we sure are glad it's over, aren't we?