Friday, August 28, 2009


Woke to a phone call from the well drillers asking if they could come and set up this afternoon.I left the dogs Sadie and Annie up in their lot to their dismay,but they run down the driveway and meet vehicles causing them to stop most of the time on the steepest part.Don't feel like much breakfast this morning as my stomach is in knots now,I always worry to much when we have construction work done around here because of the steep terrain.G-son is late so I went to my sewing shop to finish an order for a lady that wants a duvet cover reseamed and I need some more jean aprons.I made 6 aprons 4 large and 2 small..This is a great way to re-cycle old jeans .I have sold a lot of them since I started making them and I haven't let anyone throw away a pair of jeans in a while.The eyelet lace I put around the edges is hard to find,and I used all my white this morning. Oh well that just means I get to make a trip to a S.C. flea market in the near future.
G-son and #1 son came in just as I was finishing up,good timing,#1 son left to work on his truck and g-son and I had lunch,he wanted pizza and I had soup and crackers.It is suppose to rain but I haven't seen any here yet but it is cloudy and cool,I turned off the heat pump and opened the doors and windows,I love fresh air. After lunch I baked 6 layers for cakes so they could sit a while before I iced them,I will make my pound cakes tonight.I went outside and while g-son played I picked some pears for pear bread and also cut the grapes again,if it rains hard they will ruin.It's funny around here if they are cut and sitting on the table everyone eats them.I have some tomatoes that need to be canned but there isn't time today.

Well I have a new yard ornament,they" rolled in" as g-son said about 3:00 and got set up and ready to drill first thing Monday morning.The dogs seen to be stalking this monster that kept them in their lots for most of the day.I'm just glad they got in and set up without any problems.Crossing all my toes and fingers that there is water where they are drilling and not too deep,as every foot cost$13.50 counting the casing and I bet that drill drops fast,at least hubbie is off Monday and I will have to decide about Avon delivery on Monday or Tuesday when I find out g-sons schedule for next week.
We are resting now but I don't think a nap is in his future as he is in the middle of the living room rug rolling from side to side,man I wished I had half that energy.
Hubbie made a deal with #1 son if he would help him move the heavy stuff in the basement back into place he would fix a big spaghetti supper for everyone. So d-in-love ,g-son,#1 son,hubbie and I all ate,we called #2 son but he already had something on his grill.After we ate they moved a lot of stuff , a lot of stuff still has to be moved,holy moly where did all this come from??????
They all left and we went to finish cleaning church,they are having a lock-in for the children and we talked to one of the chaperons and they have over 20 kids,they had a big bond fire built in back of the church and looked like they were having a great time.G-son will enjoy things like that when he gets older,I know all my kids did.
When we got home I put 2 granny pound cakes and 2 loaves of pear bread in the oven and iced 3 chocolate cakes.It is 10:30 and I'm waiting to get them out of the oven.
One of the wildflowers for tonight is actually a wild herb....It is called BURDOCK and is really a pesty plant as these little flower heads become sticky little burrs and grab on to animals fur,clothes or anything else that happens along.I hate it when they get on the dogs as they are very hard to untangle and get out.This is one of our heifers that has already gotten into the burdock patch and it will be a long time before she can rub them out of her hair.
It is the root of this plant that is special and has been used for a remedy for measles,arthritis,colds,sore throat,and as a diuretic and it is used in modern oncology to treat types of cancer and is said to improve over-all health.It can be taken internally,used tropically,and even eaten as a vegetable.And believe it or not this plant led to the invention of velcro.As the story goes a swiss man was walking his dog and became curious about the seeds of the burdock plant that had attached themselves to him and his dog,he looked at them under a microscope and discovered their hook-and-loop method and the result was velcro. Many people also call this plant "sticky bob".
This is another one of those WOW I can't believe this plant grows all over our pastures and we hate it.
This next wildflower has none of the above uses and it is just pretty to look at,but God knows that sometimes we just need something bright and beautiful to look at and just enjoy its beauty.
CARDINAL FLOWER is just that kind of blessing as it usually grows in places where it's bright red blooms just jump out.Hummingbirds love this flower and it blooms exactly when they start their migration route.If you ever need a reinforcing thought of how God has a plan for everything, you need to read up on some of these wild things and how their timing goes so well together and you will realize only our Heavenly Maker could have created such time lines.
My timer just went off for my cakes and the 11:00 news just came on,I am off to get the cakes out,watch the news and unwind a little before bed.This has been a long day and I got a little over-whelmed this evening but I just kept plugging along and telling myself God is in complete control and these anxious feelings only come when I forget this and I always need to remember "that this too will pass".It was raining a light rain this evening and I didn't get to walk so I lost my peaceful walk with Him in his beauty filled world and this always relaxes and gives me that humble,peaceful feeling.
I love being close to nature and feel that brings me closer to God as he is after-all Creator of all.
Good Night.

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