Sunday, August 23, 2009


At church today d-in-love played some beautiful music on her violin everyone was so appreciative of her and her talent. I'm so glad she started playing in church,she is so good and needs to keep up her musical talents as we all need to take inventory of the gifts of talent God has given us and use them,as I read at the bottom of the page in my Bible this morning there was a story about that very thing.It was about a moth collector that had captured a very beautiful and rare moth,he had kept it in his moth sanctuary all winter and as spring came he felt bad because it had continually crawled around the inside of the enclosure trying to get out,so he cut a hole for it to fly through, but it just sat on a shelf instead of flying through the hole,because by not being allowed to fly the muscles it needed in its wings had not developed and now it was to late and it couldn't fly away. So if we don't use our talents they will rust away and then if we ever do want them they just will not work.
After church we came home to lunch with both sons,d-in-love,daughter,father-in-law and g-son,we had the beef stew and boiled cabbage, corn on the cob and corn bread with iced tea and peach wine cake for dessert.Father-in-law always asked for dessert, maybe because he gets to take what's left of it home with him! Our family has never been big dessert eaters and I don't want cake or pie laying around tempting me.We got to visit awhile after we ate and look at the pictures of daughter's friends wedding she was in, the pics were very good....
I'm not bragging or anything but I think I have a beautiful daughter.I wasn't crazy about the green color of these dresses but they turned out to be just gorgeous in this outside wedding.The bride was one of daughter's best buds in college.
Daughter left to spend some time with her little sister who has been in California for the summer,and everyone else went home,hubbie took his dad home and stopped by Sam's for a couple of things on the way home.We worked downstairs for a little while moving more stuff around and he took down part of the drop ceiling to expose the waterlines,he said it is a good thing we decided to re-plumb as some of the lines are turning blue and that has to mean they are wearing thin.
I walked with my dogs for more than an hour this evening,I got a few goose bumps,that is a sure sign fall is in the air,it really felt good outside tonight.When I came in hubbie was still working downstairs so I put up all the laundry that I had left down there and shuffled some more things around,I think we are about ready, hopefully they will come on and get it done this week.
I wrote up my Avon orders and entered them on the computer,I don't have many this time, maybe more people will call in the morning.#1 son called and said g-son will be here at 8:00 in the morning as they both have early jobs tomorrow.Daughter came home and she is looking so forward to starting her new job but dreading the long days of working 2 jobs for the next 10 days,she went to bed early. I am tired,a nerve in my hip is bothering me today,must have irritated it moving things last night.I'm headed to soak in a hot tub for a while to see if that will relax it so I can sleep. Thanks be to God for all my blessings. Good Night.

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