Sunday, December 24, 2017


Up early to get this Christmas Eve off to a great start. Got the chores done, had breakfast and then got ready for church.
Church was good today and we headed home to no lunch company which was strange. Since everyone is coming here tonight we decided the kids would be better off with early naps so they all went home to have a quick lunch.
Hubbie and I had a bowl of soup and crackers.
After our quiet lunch we relaxed for a little while which gave me time to reflect on some Christmas eve's past.
About 3:00 we started cleaning and cooking and that is how we spent the afternoon. The presents were all under the tree and all the Christmas lights were turned on  before we went out to do the evening chores.

Daughter's family was the first to arrive as she was going to put her corn casserole in my oven so it would be hot and ready to eat. The littlest of the kids,IR was excited with all the lights and wrapped presents !!
#1 son's family went to candlelight but son left after about 15 minutes when RL pitched a fit. Hubbie and I decided to stay home from candlelight this year and have things ready when everyone got here.
D-in-love plays music and Re sings so they have to be there.
RL helped me with the last cooking to be done.
#2 son and Tif arrived next and then after the service which last until about 7:15 this year all the rest of the family arrived. There was certainly some excited kids !!!  I sat up a table in the sunroom for the kids and Re, d-in-love and I ate with them as they were so happy to be eating in the "Christmas House".
Everyone else ate in the kitchen.

We all had a wonderful evening and the kids enjoyed the gifts and everything about Christmas so far.

The present opening anticipation was almost unbearable for all 7 kids tonight !!!
And here we goooooo !!!!!

In the photo above my favorite part was these 2 boys, the only 2 boys in the midst of 5 girls, bonding with each other. BB gravitates more and more toward g-son even with the age difference I see a wonderful friendship budding.

And this is exactly how I felt after all the excitement and all the presents were opened.

This was one of those evenings that I don't think anyone wanted to come to an end but eventually the kids had to get home and get into bed to await Santa's arrival .
Daughter started a tradition of reading the Christmas story to IR and she looked like she was very interested in the book.

My gifts were very special this year as the kids know me well as I say every year and they knew that all my bird feeders are aging fast so these two beauties are greatly appreciated to replace them. And best of all was all these gift cards to put toward a new TV for our living room since the one we have now has a big black spot in the middle of the picture where something hit the screen.

After everyone left hubbie and I stayed up and cleaned up things so we wouldn't have to do it tomorrow. #1 son came after the tortoise for g-son and then we went to bed about 1am.
This has been a wonderful Christmas Eve filled with the love of family and friends and most importantly the love of God who gave the most wonderful gift of all in His son. I am forever grateful for the blessing of family and the blessing of another year of precious Christmas memories.
God Bless, Merry Christmas and Good Night.

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