Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have been slowly packing all week getting ready for today,feeling a little apprehensive about leaving on vacation for some reason and can't quite put my finger on it.We are making our second trip of the year to Sunset Beach,N.C.,Sunset is on an island and is the last beach in N.C. on the S.C. side.We went there for the first time in May and loved it,we stay in a rental house on Tubbs Bay across the street from the ocean.Went to market this morning and sold almost out,only 1 1/2 cakes left and I will take them with me.Got home at 2:30,met daughter and #2 son in driveway as they were leaving.Unloaded van and took beta fish over to d-in-love's as her mom is gonna feed them. Finished packing truck and hubbie walked fence and found a hole that needed to be fixed so we didn't leave until 5:30.
Light traffic thank goodness made for easy travel..
We don't like to drive at night but have no choice tonight.We stopped at a subway and had supper,when we got back on the interstate we caught up with #1 son and family,so we traveled with them.Made another supper stop for g-son and I've already realized 1 thing I forgot,dog leashes,so I had to find a place to buy some.As we traveled a full moon loomed first on our left,then in front,then overhead,it made it almost daylight,maybe God knew we were having a hard time seeing in the dark! Thankful for an uneventful trip for us all.#2 son and daughter got there ahead of us and stopped and bought groceries and were waiting when we got there.We arrived at 11:30 which wasn't bad for all the stops we made.We got everything unpacked and finally got to bed at 1:30 in the morning.Thank you Lord for a safe trip.Good Night.

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