Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yuck,Yuck!!!!! rainy day at the beach 100 times worse than rain at home.#1 son is fishing in the rain,not me, I'm a fair weather fisherman.After a while we decided the rain was here for the day so we went shopping!!! There just happened to be an outdoor world and tanger oulet center about 30 minutes down the road.Found some really good deals as all the stores had season ending sales.Even g-son had a good time as there were little trains,trucks and cars to ride in throughout the outlet center.At one point he was trying to talk pawpaw into another ride,he said "we got plenty money" oh the innocence of a child!! We stopped in Calabash,N.C. and ate seafood on the way back.
Gloomy scene out off the deck greeted us .The highlight of the day is that g-son's potty training is going amazingly well,he has some ninja turtle underwear and he sure doesn't want to make those turtles mad by using the bathroom on them!! Hopefully good weather coming tomorrow! Praising God for the wonderful family I have. Good Night.

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