Friday, October 30, 2009


Woke to another dreary day,looks like I'd be used to these by now but they are still sooooo dreary! G-son isn't feeling well so he will be a little late as mom is letting him sleep in. I worked in my sewing shop a while,replenishing some of the things I have sold out of. I made 10 oven mitt spoon holders and 4 draft dodgers.I don't have enough spoons for all the mitts so that will mean a trip to the Dollar Tree later.When g-son got here we gave him medicine to make him feel better.He is just sitting in the recliner watching TV today,he is so pitiful when he is sick,he has the look in his eyes that #2 son used to have when he was little and got sick. I baked cakes and fixed him some lunch which he just looked at and went back to the recliner. After I ate we headed for Dollar Tree,I told him he could pick out a new toy so that perked him up a bit. He picked 2 toys and I bought my spoons,then we went to Sonic,he likes their grilled cheese sandwiches. We brought it home and he took 1 bite,wouldn't drink any of his grape slushie and went back to the recliner. I sat in the living room with him and made 7 towel angels.I put spoons in the mitts and hand stitched the ens of the draft dodgers closed. Pretty good amount of work done today.I only have every other Friday to catch up on my crafts and since this was supposed to be my catching up Friday and g-son was sick and didn't feel like playing it all worked out. His other grandfather has H1N1 flu and he couldn't stay there today. We are just hoping that isn't what he has,but on the other hand maybe it would be better just to go ahead and get it and get it over with,then we can quit worrying about catching it. Daughter came home and helped me give g-son another dose of his med,he is getting hot again,it takes 2 to get the medicine in him. She sat and held him until he went to sleep,then layed him down and went to get ready to go to her Halloween party tonight. D-in-love picked up g-son,I don't feel like any supper tonight as I've been snacking all afternoon so we left to go clean church. I was sweeping spider webs down from the posts in front of the offices when I stepped off the porch and missed the steps,I fell on my hip and knee (my good knee), I knew I was going to fall so I slowed it down by grabbing a post with my hand but my knee hit the concrete hard. So tonight I can barely bend my knee and my hand,hip and back are very sore.I just wonder how I'm gonna feel in the morning,may have to be lifted out of bed. We came home from cleaning and I started icing caramel cakes and coconut cakes.I wrapped some and boxed up some orders,so I don't have so much to do in the morning. I hate to get still because I know when I stop moving it is going to be painful to get going again.UHHHHH!!!! I sure don't bounce like I used to!! It is 11:00 I have 1 more coconut to ice,Ive been waiting for the coconut to thaw and then I'm going for a hot bath and bed. Forgive me Lord for my impatience sometime I know You'll work everything out all in good time. Good Night.

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