Friday, October 23, 2009


Woke to the familiar sound of rain this morning. Phone started ringing as soon as I got up with cake orders and the contractor,yes,the contractor,with our estimate and he was $2000 less than the previous one and even with wiggle room that is in budget.He said he could start depending on weather in 1-2 weeks, which is fine as there is some things we need to do first.
G-son came and he ate a waffle for breakfast and is playing spiderman climbing on the furniture in the living room. Man I wish for some of that energy.I baked cakes this morning and he was great while I was busy,even called me to run to the bathroom for #2's and #1's today! I think we've got this potty training almost whipped. It is 3:30 and it has went perfect today and it is so nice to have him come and get me when he needs to go instead of just taking him and sitting in the bathroom waiting.After lunch one of my Avon customers came by to pick up her order and I told g-son you stand at the door and watch because you don't have shoes on and it's wet outside. I took her order down to her car and looked up and saw g-son coming across the deck,I was getting ready to tell him not to come out barefoot when I saw that he had put his own shoes on,actually on the right feet!!!!!! He came up and introduced himself to my customer just like a big boy,then told her to have a good day.I was
just standing there with my mouth open! As we walked back in the house I thought,how big he is getting and now his maturity will come in leaps and bounds now,he no longer looks anything like a baby,he is a little boy and I might add all-boy. That statement is a familiar one to me as that is always what I heard when I asked his dad's elementary school teachers how he was doing,"he's just all boy" would almost always be the reply and I never asked what they meant by that!!!
It is 65 degrees right now and getting very dark and dreary looking outside. When hubbie came home I iced 6 caramel cakes so I could get out of the kitchen while daughter made cup cakes for g-son's birthday party tomorrow. D-in-love came in and G-son wanted to stay and play with his pawpaw a little longer so she left him here and went home to work on things for his party. At about 7:00 hubbie took him home so we could go finish cleaning the church.Daughter was still baking. When we got back she had some decorating done and it looks really good. G-son is Scooby-doo crazy right now so she did this free hand.After she finished them she left to go dog sit tonight for a girl she used to work with.She is coming by early in the morning to take her things to market early. I finished icing my cakes and cut and wrapped almost everything.It has rained pretty hard all evening but it is suppose to stop soon after midnight,dare we trust the weatherman on this!!! We didn't put the cattle up on the hill tonight,hope we're not swimming again in the morning! It is 12:30 am now and I'm headed for bed. Thanking God for this wonderful day and for g-son who will celebrate a late 3rd birthday tomorrow,keep us in your wonderful care. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Cupcakes were YUMMY!!!!!!!!

It was so good to see you today (Sat) and spent some time talking face to face, I like blogging and posting on here but conversation in person is still my favorite thing :)

YAY for Wes and his successful potty training road almost finish - it won't be long and he'll be doing it all the time!