Monday, October 26, 2009


Waking up to g-son sleeping beside me is a feeling that is indescribable,he is one precious angel.
He came to our bed about 3:30 this morning,probably cold,because he had gotten out from under his blanket before I went to bed last night,I covered him back up but figured it wouldn't stay. He was still sleeping when I left early on my Avon route. Only 2 people weren't home so that is pretty good,they both live on the same road I do so it won't be a problem to get to them later. Talked to my brother about my nephew,he is still in a lot of pain this morning,no word yet on when he will leave the hospital,they are going to do another scan on his back to make sure they didn't miss anything,so scary.
I came home and had lunch with g-son and then we headed outside on another beautiful day,it is getting cloudy but still feels good.We had such a fun afternoon,carved another jack-o-lantern,played dress-up as vampires (have not idea where he got vampire idea),moved some plants from around where my new sunroom will be and I caught all our activity on camera....... This is going to be a special holiday season all the way through I think.G-son helped me put up my outside Halloween decorations and picked this hanging skeleton for his favorite.He doesn't seem to be afraid of any thing.After the decorating and carving were complete it was time to play....He would chase me then I would put on the cape and chase him.This cape by the way was in my attic,it was the one g-son's dad used for his Halloween costume many years ago,I knew there was a reason I kept all this stuff!!!! When we got it down today he was thrilled. As my kids were growing up they didn't like bought costumes,so we always came up with home-made things,these vampire capes I just stitched up and put a string through the pocket around the top to tie around the neck,I would make their faces white with flour or corn starch so they wouldn't break out and away we'd go. Making the costumes and getting ready were as much fun as the trick or treating itself and I always dressed up with them.
G-son is doing great with potty training!!!!
He had to help dig the holes and push the big garden cart around while we were moving several plants from around the back deck where they will get trampled in the new construction to the front of the house in a flower bed that has gotten over grown with crab grass.I am still laughing everytime I think about these next pictures. Around this over-grown flower bed is a line of telephone poles,put there to hold up timbers that hold the soil from washing away.I noticed g-son sitting on one of these poles,he was serously looking to his left and kept crossing and un-crossing his hands on his knees.I was getting ready to ask "what in the world are you doing?",when I realized what he was doing!!!!!What a wonderful way to end a wonderful afternoon!!!!!!! I sometimes forget the amazing things kids do and the magical world of discovery they live and explore in!!!!
We came inside and had a snack and watched some TV until mom came by to pick him up.Hubbie and I finished outside chores and had soup for supper.It is really cloudy and is getting really cool outside,the rain is suppose to start about midnight and have a rainy day tomorrow.That's okay,it's house cleaning day. Daughter came in and started her baking.
Talked to my brother again,nephew is home in a huge brace,the crack is between his shoulders and the brace is from chin to waist,very uncomfortable,he can sleep without it but must sleep on his back.He will have to do school work at home for at least 1 week maybe 2.
The doctors really can't tell what nerve damage is done because of the swelling so we'll just pray! Riding in the back of a truck is so dangerous,I have done it, my kids did it,we were lucky. Not long ago not far down the road a grandmother was driving with her grandson in the back of her truck and got hit,it threw him out and he was killed. My nephew is lucky, even with a huge brace and I hope he realizes just how lucky he is!
Daughter baked until almost 10:00 and then it was my turn,I realized I forgot to buy some key ingredients in my rush to get home Saturday,so I'll have to leave 3 pound cakes until tomorrow.Luckily I can fill my early week orders anyway.Daughter will be gone to the play-off volleyball game tomorrow night so I can start baking early.It is 11:30,I'm waiting for the last cakes to get done and after I put the glaze on them I'm headed to get ready for bed. Have I said how much I love life lately,well I can never say that enough!!! Today has been a day of many thank you's to God for my blessings and just to be so blessed as to live where I do. The mountains look so beautiful today with all the colorful leaves,a friend described the view from her window this morning as like looking into a box of fruit loops cereal,it just doesn't get any better than this! Have I said lately how much I love fall!! Thanks to God for each day and hope I can live it in his Glory. Good Night.

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