Sunday, November 1, 2009


Had a special service at church this morning.October is pastor appreciation month,we had a lot going on in church this month so today was our pastor appreciation Sunday.Our associate pastor secretly made plans for the pastor's whole family to be at church this morning and we provided a special lunch for him and his family in our fellowship hall. He was surprised!!!!
Then our neighbor was ordained as a newly elected Deacon to top the day off. It was a long service but a good one,we got home at 12:30.
Hubbie decided this morning not to bring his dad over for lunch today because g-son is still not over his sickness and hubbie felt really lousy last night. Daughter went over and took him some lunch. Everyone else made it to lunch today,and had a wonderful time. The guys went out after we ate and worked on g-son's play set,almost finished he got to slide on it today. After everyone left I walked with the dogs. It is the end of the leaf season around here as evidenced by all the leaves on the ground and the naked tree branches...It has been a beautiful fall day today about 60 degrees and sunny. The ground is so soggy when I walked today I was trying to remember when I've last felt the ground so soft. We need some dry weather for a while,it will take awhile for things to dry out this time of year.We need to dig our potatoes before the mice move in on them,we're hoping to get that done this week but we can't dig them in the mud. It felt good to get back to my walking today,I think it even improves my mood because it allows me some me and God time all by myself.
There was a beautiful sunset again tonight as I came back up to the house,it was almost to dark but the pics still look good......I just love looking at all the colors in the sky in the evening,we are so lucky to be able to get to enjoy the beauties of nature.
We didn't have supper as we usually don't on Sunday,we were going back to church tonight to a dinner for the pastor and whole church family but time got away from us on this first day off daylight saving time.The early darkness takes some getting used to with our outside chores,before you realize it,it's dark outside and you have to hunt a flashlight to finish your work!!!
I did some paperwork that needed to be done and wrote up my Avon orders and posted them online tonight.
It is 11:20 and I'm not even tired,the time changes mess me up whether it goes up or back.
Counting my blessing today and humbly thanking Jesus for them all!! Good Night.

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