Sunday, November 8, 2009


Went to church with #1 son and g-son this morning as everyone else is already there. Daughter started teaching a Sunday School class today of kindergarten and 1st graders.Hubbie went along to help out,good thing as they had 5 and usually have 7 in this class. The woman that has been teaching it is one of the mothers and had rather someone else take over,she was suppose to be there today and daughter was only supposed to watch but she got sick so daughter had it on her own and did well. D-in-love's music ensemble is starting a Sunday school class and that was where she was. Sunday school is great but g-son is still in the nursery and that would make a long time for him in there. As soon as he gets old enough for Sunday school he'll go to.
After service daughter went to pick up father-in-law for lunch and everyone made it today.I will be so glad when I have my extra room finished and today was a perfect example of why we need it,at least everyone will be able to sit at a table for lunch and we won't have to eat in shifts or in the living room.
After a short visit with everyone after we ate,hubbie and fa-in-law went to check out the retirement home and pick out a room for him. I went with daughter to a local park,she was going to run and I took Bernie and Dolly and went to walk on this beautiful warm-75 degree,sunny day. There were a lot of people at the park but me and my 4-legged kids found a trail that wasn't crowded,it actually went around 2 large corn fields and along a creek. I was wondering if I had done the right thing when I got about half way around and looked way over to where the trail went,but we made it and felt good about it.As we came back across the bridge into the main park we saw this lone fisherman trying his luck in the creek. I had rather get out here and walk on dirt instead of in the main park which has a paved walking trail all the way around it. We did go on this main trail when we got back to find daughter who I was sure was wondering where we got off to. I discovered something very interesting in the middle of the park... These 2 metal statues kind of looked out of place in a park,but when I read about them,I thought what a perfect place for them,outside,coraled behind this rail fence for everyone to see and remember the Trail of Tears!!Please click on this photo and read about these statues and see if you agree with me. I had no idea that these were in our area. I have seen the Lost Colony drama on Roanoke Island but have never seen Unto these Hills which daughter and I made a date to go see this next year.
We came home and hubbie was already here and said it went well with his dad and he picked a room.He has to have a TB test Wednesday and can move in Saturday. Brother-in-law called from over there and said he was actually excited about moving,he shot a game of pool while he was there today,he used to shoot pool all the time but hadn't even done that in a long time.We all think that he will get a lot better when he gets over there and has other people around to do things with.
Daughter,hubbie and I cleaned everything off our back deck and daughter dug dirt away from one side so they can double band it while hubbie pressure washed it to get the dirt out of all the cracks. It is suppose to rain Tuesday so I don't know if they will start tomorrow or not but now we're ready. Daughter and I came in and did some planning of how to move some things around in the kitchen with the extra room we are going to have.It will be fun to redecorate! We were looking at some old dishes and things I have kept.I showed her pitcher and glasses sets I have for each child.1 came from hubbies mom who purchased it the year he was born,1 came from my mom,I remember using it as a child,2 I purchased from Princess House years ago. I love old stuff and the memories that go along with them.
Daughter has the same appreciation that I have and is very interested in preserving these things,I'm so glad. Boys just don't think about things like that.I'm sure at some point in time daughter's house will look just like mine,full of memories. Some people would call it clutter but I call it memories and I'm the one who has to dust it!!!
I'll be thrilled to see the contractors drive up in the morning but I'm not getting my hopes up. G-son is coming early so we'll be up if they do come. Hubbie has talked to his brother twice tonight about his dad and I hope he isn't saying he doesn't think he should go anywhere.He doesn't have any idea what goes on because he is not the one that has to deal with it all. I'll be very angry if he says anything against this move and if he stops it he better get ready to get a lot more involved than he is now,gggrrrrrrrrr!
It is 9:00 now and I'm blogging because I have nothing else to do,wow!!!!More park pics ,I couldn't get over how blue the water was in this creek and how neat the trails were,everyone was nice that I met and we said hello and sometimes let our dogs even touch noses to say hello to each other. It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Now it's time to come back into reality,the little dogs need haircuts and baths and since this is my Avon delivery week it needs to get done tonight.Sooooo come here little Dolly and Bernie,definitely not their 2 favorite things to do! Really not mine either but it has to be done. I used to take them to a groomer but it got so expensive and I ask to have their hair cut shorter and they never cut it like I ask,not to mention both dogs acted like they got abused or something every time I took them and left them for the whole day. It is a lot less stressful on them for us to do it.
Well now its 11:30 and I'm getting ready for my bath. God is so good,I love Him so much! Good Night.

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