Thursday, November 12, 2009


While I was getting ready for market this morning the builders came to pour the footings for my sunroom. I left for market a little earlier than usual,looked like a ghost town when I got there. After I got set up I started crocheting tops on towels while waiting for customers.It picked up a little as the temperature warmed a bit. It was 40 and very windy,brrrrrr. Had an alright day,I changed our tables around to make room for more baked goods variety. I realized I forgot the dried herbs and okra I was going to take in today,but I'm pretty sure no one noticed!! I ran routine errands when I left market and checked in a couple places for furniture that I've got in mind for my sunroom, found 1 possibility.Made it home about 5:00.
Cool evening ,still windy,watered my house plants.
This is one of my favorites,these plants like so many other items in my home have special meaning to me. This is a huge PRAYER PLANT . It is about 6 or more years old,it hangs in my living room bay window. I love this plant because every night it reminds me to pray,as darkness comes most of the leaves on this plant stand up together and look like hands folded together in prayer,hence the name.
I took this photo in the dark with my flash,this to me is one of the wonders of nature. Love this plant!This is a very large JADE PLANT,I couldn't even guess how long I've had this jewel.Each time I look at it I'm reminded of happy times in my childhood. My father had a farming partner back in the day and this man's wife had 2 of these large Jades that looked just like this one on either side of the steps leading onto her porch.As a child I spent many evenings in a rocker on that porch and those large plants for some reason always captured my attention.I get a peaceful feeling and a longing for those more simple times each time I look a my Jade,maybe thats why it is also known as friendship plant. This one only stays inside in the winter and moves onto the covered porch in summer.This SPIDER PLANT is one of the newest additions to my collection.I purchased it a coupled years ago after reading that it is one of the top plants for purifying the inside air of your home. This one hangs in one of our bedroom windows and appears to love it there,as it will need to be re-potted soon. I need to start more of them from some of the babies that are hanging from it. Easy plant to grow!
Oh, and yes I talk to my plants all the time,they are super good listeners!
Hubbie and I cleaned church tonight,daughter is on a dog setting job for several days now.She breezed through earlier and made some more coconut macaroons and then was gone.She's a busy lady,like I used to be,well, still am!!!!Construction day 1 ,lumber still banded, waiting on footings to dry.
Be like my Prayer plant and put your hands together in prayer tonight,God is listening! Good Night.

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Claudia said...

It's amazing how things don't change much between one land of God and another, we had the prayer plant and the spider plant in my house growing up. I wish I had a green thumb, I hope and pray it comes with age because no matter how hard I try I always manage to kill them, of course my mother can plant a stick and leaves will grow out of it!

Thanks for great memories!

And yes we talked to our plants too! Mom taught me that but so far I just talk to my family members since no plant has managed to survived in my house! :0)