Monday, November 9, 2009


Hey! Hey! Hey! The contractor came early this morning,made a list of lumber and re-measured everything. But because of the flooding rains we are expecting tomorrow decided not to dig any holes,(which is the first thing he has to do) until after the rain. He will have the lumber delivered either today or tomorrow depending on the rain. Our county is now under a flash flood watch for tomorrow through Wednesday morning. This is the rain coming off the cat 2 hurricane in the gulf named Ida,I'm hoping not to get as much as they are saying. This is a picture of our totally empty deck hopefully soon it will look very different!
He finished and left just in time for me to head to my first Avon stop at their break time. After delivering all morning and making a stop at sis-in-law's to plan a family Thanksgiving, I got home at 12:30. After eating lunch,hubbie,g-son and I hopped in the van for a trip to Tractor Supply for cattle feed,as we will have to get them in the upper pasture tonight,and mange medicine for hubbie's beagles. Beagles must be prone to mange because he has had different ones before that have gotten the mange and he does nothing different to them than our other dogs. The ones he has now have just a touch of it on their tales,but past experience has shown us how fast it can spread and they don't need to be losing their hair now going into winter!!
G-son went to sleep in the store ,we left there and went by some friends apple house to pick up a bushel of golden delicious apples to eat and cook with. She said they still have red delicious also so we'll probably get a bushel of those in a week or so,they are my favorite to eat but don't keep very well. This has been a gloomy dreary day here in the mountains today,cool about 60 degrees and the air is moist already with the impending rain headed our way.You can get a good idea why they are called the "Blue Ridge Mountains" from this picture I took today,on a cloudy day the blue really comes out.
While g-son slept I helped hubbie get the potatoes in the root cellar and get it all covered back up and insulated. Then I came back inside to stay with g-son as he had some work to do at the barn,getting some hay moved around for the cattle and finding a tarp to cover the ditch we dug around our deck so it wouldn't fill with water and let it seep into the basement. As I had a cup of hot tea in the kitchen I noticed this little visitor in one of my plants that I moved last night,must have been some seed in it..Just as I snapped the pic he turned and looked right at me as if to say "cheese"
what a good sport. I am blogging while I wait for g-son to wake from his nap,but from the sound of his snoring that may be a while!
G-son woke,daughter came in and started her baking,hubbie took the tractor and dragged a large tree the last flood washed almost through the fence up on higher ground and now they've changed the forecast to very little rain,so we are hoping for that. Got a strange phone call from the contractor checking to see if the lumber had been delivered,when I told him no,there was a long silence before he said you're kidding! I assured him I wasn't kidding there had been no delivery here. He said he would have to call first thing in the morning to make sure they didn't deliver it to the wrong place.
Wouldn't that be just my luck!!!
Watched the first Carolina basketball game tonight,getting geared up for b-ball season! They won! I wasn't going to make any cakes tonight but have 1 order to fill for tomorrow. So I sneaked some layers in between daughters things. I'll ice when I'm sure they're cooled completely. It's not even 10:00 yet and everyone but me is in bed. I've iced my cakes and am watching the news. This has been a good day and I thank the Lord for all the blessings He gave me today. Good Night.

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