Friday, November 20, 2009


Introducing Sadie, I have had Sadie for about 6 years,she was a young 1st time mother when I first met her. I was looking for a red merle Aussie when I answered an ad in our local paper for a free Australian Sheperd. The lady I called rescued Australian Sheperds from our local pound and she had found Sadie there with a litter of puppies,she took them all home and found homes for all the pups and was going to keep Sadie but found that being an inside dog was not in Sadie's nature. When I asked the color of the dog,she said she's a tri-color,I said I'm not interested,I'm looing for a red merle, for some reason she insisted on bringing Sadie to Market so I could look at her. As I said last night "the eyes have it",although Sadie doesn't have that wary look,in fact her eyes actually seem to smile on their own. When I looked into her smiling eyes I was hooked,so home with me she came,hubbie was looking at me as if to say "what did you say you were looking for?". Sadie has turned into the smartest dog I have ever had,she follows me everywhere and I only have to give her a command once and it's done.I thought she was mixed with border collie until I went to the Australian Sheperd website and saw Sadie looking at me from the screen.Wow she looks just like the dog on the introductory page. Although her personality is very friendly she barks and she absolutely hates the UPS trucks that deliver packages.And when she's not rocking in her chair on the front porch, she loves hunting and chasing anything she can find in the woods and pastures that surround or house. Sadie is a joy and I'm glad that lady insisted on bringing her for me to look at that day.

Today started out busy and got worse!!! The builders worked 1/2 day ,so I couldn't get any sewing done this morning as they have their air compressor that runs their nail gun plugged into that outlet and it would over load with my commercial sewing machine plugged in. So I baked cakes all morning,g-son came and he acted like he felt better. After lunch we went to Ingles for things to make a 7 layer salad for Saturday night dinner,we saw several people we knew. They are making a larger store, and trying to get in and out of the parking lot is challenging at best,but we made it,I drove around for a few minutes to see if g-son would go to sleep but he must not need a nap today. Back home I put away groceries and discovered I forgot a key ingredient for the salad,frozen green peas,no way am I going back into that mess on a Friday afternoon. I also forgot that I have 3 coconut cakes to ice that will have to be put in the fridg overnight so I'll pick up the peas tomorrow and make the salad for our families Sunday lunch. It's amazing to me sometimes how I can have a list and still forget items on it.I think I need to get my head cleared somehow,I just haven't figured out how yet! I did get to sew some when hubbie came home and got to see how my new idea looks,she what you think,these are little girl size aprons and I personally think they are really cute....... I guess we'll see how many people agree with me tomorrow,I got 5 of these made which was all the little jeans I bought but 3,1 I still have cut out but is a bit different and didn't get it made,2 g-son had a fit wanting ,1 because it has an Elmo patch on the leg and 1 because it has a cowboy hat and rope embroidered on them. So at the 1/2 price sale at the thrift store I paid .75 a pair,put about a yard of lace around them which I buy in bulk for probably no more than .50 ,ties are made from scraps,so at $8.00 an apron I'll be well paid for my time making them. While daughter did her baking,hubbie and I went to finish cleaning the church. I iced my cakes when I got back ,boxed some orders for tomorrow and wrapped all I could.One customer came by and picked her order up. G-son gets to go to market with us tomorrow he always has a fun time out there. Going to get to bed earlier tonight,got a long day tomorrow. God is right on time always in our lives and his love is always there wherever,whatever!!!!!! Good Night.


Anonymous said...

Sadie is so sweet looking. Sounds like you two are a perfect match!
I love the little aprons. What a great idea.
Hope you have a great day.

Deborah said...

Sadie is adorable!!!