Sunday, November 15, 2009


Went to church with the family this morning but only hubbie and I attended worship as #1 son,d-in-love and daughter all worked in the nursery this morning after Sunday School.
Had a good message and had a young man come forward to be Baptized, hurray to God be the glory. It is always special for me to see a young person give their life to Christ.
Daughter took d-in-love to pick up their g-father at his new home so she could see where he is living,he was already having lunch with a friend he has already made so they sat with them while they ate. #1 son,#2 son,hubbie and I were already eating when they all finally got here.
He just sat in the living room and watched TV while we ate.
After lunch he was soon ready to go back, so he must like it! Daughter and I took him back on our way to the park and I went in to see his new place. It is a very nice,clean place and he should be happy there. We took Bernie and Dolly in with us and everyone wanted to pet them.
We left for the park hoping to get her 7 mile run in before dark.There she goes,no way I'm gonna make 7 miles tonight without a bicycle.I don't think these 2 want to run that far either and if I brought my bike they couldn't come. The park was full of people again today but it is so large you don't notice it until you look at how many cars are in the parking lot.Today is another 70 degree sunny day,no wonder everyone is outside,because we all know these nice warm days are soon going to turn into the cold dreary days of winter.As I walked I looked up at a mountain top not far from the park and at the lone house on top of it. I remember when this house was built up there,it was my dad's doctor and cousin by marriage who built the house and I remember all the talk about building that big house on top of that mountain.All the old timers thought it would just wash right off there in a heavy rain. Boy if these old timers were alive today wouldn't they be surprised not only that this one's still there but all the other houses covering all the mountain tops in this area. And sometimes I even look at some of them and wonder how in the world they are going to hang onto the steep sides of the mountains they are built on!! This man must own this whole mountain because no other houses have been built up there with his.Back in the days when he built there weren't any big houses around here and it caused quite a stir,and I remember hearing all the gossip about how he must have been able to afford to build a house like that,now it just fits in with a lot of house around here.I thought this sign was funny,I always thought a creek was a creek, and a river was a river,I never knew there were creek rivers???????? I guess you learn something new everyday!!!!
The sun went down and it really turned chilly before we left today and it was dark by the time we drove home.She dropped me off and went to another sitting job,this time its a cat.At least its a little closer to her work than the one last week. I wrote up my Avon orders tonight and posted them on-line. I am planning to go furniture hunting again tomorrow morning,
but I'll have to send it in before I go.I've about talked myself out of paying that much for that furniture I found yesterday at least until I look around a little more.There is a little town in the next county that has a lot of used furniture stores and I would like to go there and look before I buy. We discovered another leak in our roof and are hoping for a dry week or we'll have to put another tarp on the roof! We have received 10 inches more rain for the year than is normal,I guess that would make any old roof fail. I'll be so glad to get that metal on the roof and never have to worry about leaks again! All in God's good time,all in God's good time,all in God's good time, I have to keep reminding myself of this to keep from getting anxious about the construction projects. It'll be worth the wait!!
Bed time can't come to soon tonight as my legs and feet are really tired from my walk today.I walked twice as far as last week and I sure can tell it.If daughter ran 7 miles,she lapped me twice so that means I walked close to half that distance,no wonder I'm tired!
Glory be to God for all His blessings. Good Night.

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