Saturday, November 21, 2009


Market was not very busy on this Saturday before Thanksgiving, unlike it usually would be. All in all, daughter and I did fairly well, g-son came with daughter this morning and he was a doll all morning.He got Pawpaw to walk up to the library with him to see what was going on there,but didn't find anything there more exciting than walking on the parking place barriers. D-in-love brought everyone lunch when she finished her photo shoot,even#1 son came through when he finished his hunting trip this morning. Everyone left after lunch but daughter and me. We finished up a slow day and she left to go run and I had an Avon delivery and my Aldi trip for supplies.I got home around 3:30 ,she came in shortly afterwards and had went back to the used furniture place we were at last week and bought an old trunk she saw there.
I came in and made deviled eggs and candied sweet potatoes for the dinner tonight. I sat down to rest while the potatoes cooked and form the couch in my living room I watched the sunset with all it's many colored splender and thanked the Lord for such a wonderful pleasure,just thinking how lucky I am to have this kind of view out my window! We are meeting at sis-in-law's niece's restaurant to eat. We left and went by Ingles to pick up drinks and some things I needed for next week's baking.There was plenty of food and good fellowship with family and extended family tonight.G-son always has a ball,these guys are the 4 amigos when they get together,look out,ages 4 1/2, 3,
2 1/2 and almost 2,it's fun to watch them change and grow up. We all split up when we left and g-son and I drove daughter's jeep home,hubbie took fa-in-law home,everyone else went to a housewarming for a friend of theirs from church. One Thanksgiving get together down!!!!
When our kids were small I dreaded the holidays because there was so many people who expected us at their gatherings. My mother,hubbies parents,and hubbies grandmother all had Thanksgiving meals and expected us there. I remember how hectic it was but I also remember how much pride and care these older ladies put into their cooking and I remember the sparkle in their eyes,watching everyone enjoying what they had took hours to prepare.
Now all these ladies are gone and I find myself in their shoes. I have promised my children to try to do whatever it takes to make things easier on them and not so hectic,that's why we had a gathering the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I have to admit though it made me feel good tonight when 2 of my kids said we are having Thanksgiving dinner at your house on Thursday aren't we? Hubbie and I said years ago when marriages and other things started to change with the kids that we would cook Thanksgiving dinner even if it were just he and I,for me it's just tradition. I can remember Thanksgivings when I was a child,we were a poor farming family and this meal was such a treat for my brothers and I because we didn't have food like this any other day. My mother would start the day before Thanksgiving and wouldn't finish her cooking until right before lunch was served. I still make one of her sweet potato casseroles and a special dessert that she only made on this day. I am thankful on this day as well as all other days for the many blessings the Lord has sent my way.See you in church tomorrow. Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

That is the cutest photo and I love the photo of your view out the window too. Seems like whenever we prepare a holiday meal, the recipes remind us so of those before us. Cherished memories for sure.
Happy Thanksgiving.