Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Rain,Rain,Rain this morning has been a total wash-out,it's a good thing it's housework day.
I got up early thinking they might deliver the lumber but that hasn't happened and I really hope they don't come and drop it in all this rain.All this rain and wind sure has gotten all the remaining leaves on the ground.
Dreary would be an understatement in describing today's weather,it is only about 50 and has rained steadily all day,at least we've not had hard rain like some places to our west. The weatherman keeps changing the rain amounts and direction,so who knows what tonight will bring! Under all this plastic and tarp is the lumber for our additions.Yep they brought it right after lunch and unloaded it in the rain,set it in the mud and covered it with plastic.I hardly see the point of covering it after it was already soaked. We wanted it on the other side of the drive where there is gravel,but the driver had a very large truck and was afraid he couldn't get turned around with it over there. At least it's here!!
I have done 5 loads of laundry today along with cleaning my house. I bought a new swiffer mop and tried it out on my wood floors,I like it. I used 3 different pads it picked up so much dirt. I've been using a washable mop with some orange glow cleaner and I noticed it was building up on the floors.This swiffer is going to be better but it will take several times to get all that mopped in dirt off. I also put together a new radio control clock I bought and set it up,as I read the instructions I probably figured out why my old one isn't working,it said not to place the clock within 6 feet of a computer or TV. My old clock set right beside my computer! I soon find out because now it is in my bedroom far away from the TV. This new one has an outside temperature sensor but I'll wait to put it out till it quits raining.This one even has a weather forecast, maybe it can beat the weatherman!
This has been a snoozy day for my 4-legged kids as Bernie and Dolly have used this bed all day,when 1 gets out the other runs and gets in.They have 2 pillows i my office and 2 beds in our bedroom but for some reason today they both wanted to be in the living room where there is only
1 bed. Dolly looks like she is going to sleep sitting up. Every time I went out on the front porch to dust rugs or anything else there was Sadie in her rocking chair. We leave this old chair out there just for her as ever since I brought her home she has sat or layed in this rocking chair. She must have taken lessons from g-son about looking at the camera,this is exactly what he does when you ask him to look at the camera!
Almost as if right on cue as soon as it got dark the rain started to really pour down hard.It won't take much of this to flood everywhere.
It is surprising how much damage an ocean induced Hurricane or tropical storm can do this far inland, 100's of miles from the coast. Several years ago we had 2 named Hurricanes come through here within a 10 day period and this county and the surrounding area looked like a war zone,no power for days,trees down everywhere,the worst floods I'd seen in many years and in places that had never flooded before. Sometimes all that's missing is the storm serge off the ocean. I'll say one thing I've seen enough to know I'd never want to be on the coast when one rolled in,that's for sure!
I have a few cakes in the ovens now,I'm not baking to much as I'm not sure when the rains will stop and this kind of rain will really hurt business at the market.
My cakes are out and I'm listening to the news and laughing at the weatherpersons forecast,
they all say something different! I say only God knows where,when and how much we'll get!! God is always in complete control, we just need to recognize His power and goodness. Good Night.

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