Friday, November 27, 2009


WHEW!!!! The wind blew really hard last night and is still blowing this morning.#2 son has trees down at his house,luckily they blew over away from his house! We've got some limbs down but no other damage,don't guess we'll see the roofers today. Went into town to get cattle feed this morning and picked up a rocker/recliner for the living room on sale. Not a lot of people out where we went today,maybe everyone's already got their bargains and went home.I need to ice caramel cakes for a large order I have tomorrow this afternoon. Hubbie is rerouting our direct tv line and getting a trap set for a critter that has gotten into his shop where he keeps his dogfood,could be a raccoon,opossum,or one of the barn cats.This has been a pretty uneventful day so I'll introduce my last 4-legged kid...Meet BERNIE,I have no idea where this name came from as he had it when he came to live with us. Bernie is a Havanese breed,this type dog is used in the circus because they are quick learners and are eager to please,they are also very athletic and can run very fast. Bernie's story is like several dogs we've had in the past, daughter was driving home from work one day and saw Bernie running down a busy highway.She stopped and as soon as she opened her car door,he jumped in,she brought him home.He was very skinny,shaggy and very hungry. We knew he was a special little dog quickly as we could tell he was very smart. We ran a "found" ad in the local newspaper to no avail but after about a week daughter saw a sign posted on the road where she found him, advertising for a lost dog named Bernie with a discription. She called the number and talked to the owner,finding out he had ran away because her daughter had just moved in with her and brought her Great Dane who was mean to Bernie.This wasn't the first time Bernie had ran away.She started asking my daughter how he was doing at our house and when she found out how Dolly and Bernie had became such quick friends and how happy Bernie seemed,she told my daughter she thought this must be a God thing! For Bernie to find a family with another little dog and that loved him already must have been why he kept running away because he was no longer happy at her house. So she met with daughter and gave her all his things and Bernie became our little lover.He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen,he just wants to be loved and will do anything you ask him to do.He is very sensitive and hates to be fused at. He loves to ride and if it has wheels and moves,he's in it!!!Bernie always keeps a watchful eye and ear out for any thing that might be coming our way.He has such sensitive hearing,we live quite a ways off the road,but when a vehicle turns onto our drive Bernie barks long before human ears can hear anything.
This is the last of my 4-legged kids,I love all of them and just hope I'm the kind of person they think I am!!!
It's getting late,tomorrow is old timey Christmas day at market,oh goody,that means I get to dress up in my old timey day attire again!!!! Love it!!!!! Did you like to play dress up when you were a kid?,I sure did and still do!!
Glorious God given day today,a nice quite day after Thanksgiving. Good Night.


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful you did not have damage from the wind. Bernie is a doll! What a blessing that your daughter picked him up that day. Have fun dressing up and best wishes at Market.

Deborah said...

Bernie is so cute! My Mother's boyfriends (of 30 years) name is Bernie and he is a retired professor at a local college.. Just like your Bernie, a fast learner...LOL
Have a great day!