Thursday, November 5, 2009


I heard daughter leave for work this morning and just in a minute she called.She was at the end of the driveway and the neighbor had a little calf out ready to get in the road.I heard #1 son's dump truck coming down the drive so she said she would stop him and get him to help get it back in the pasture. I continued getting my cakes ready for market,I had to cut several in half for orders.That's when you can tell money gets tighter,these would normally be whole cake orders.
When I got to market there was hardly anyone there,I took my time getting set up,I still hurt my neck ,which always happens when I have to lift things high.I got the curly willow and money plant in and took the husks off the money plant between customers. Business picked up about mid-morning and we had 2 buses come through. Turned out to be a not so bad day after all,Thank You Lord! One of the customers I had an order from called to say she was going to be a little late so I went across the street and did my banking business and then came back to meet her. She wanted a black walnut cake for Saturday when she called this order in,but I told her I was having trouble finding black walnuts. She brought me some ,she found them all right and payed $14 a pound!! Thankfully she didn't buy but 2 pounds.I basically traded her order for the nuts.Black walnut pound cakes just went up!!
Finished running my errands and made it home at 5:00.Hubbie helped me unload and since it was almost dark I did outside chores and put my dogs up.It is getting downright cold outside tonight,it is suppose to get into the upper 20's.Today has been a nice sunny but windy day with temps in the upper 50's. It is just hard to believe winter is coming very fast.I have on a long sleeve sweater today and a jacket!! After supper of BBQ and brown rice I am going to relax awhile before going to work at another job.Daughter is working at her other job now,she has been baking ever since she got home tonight. Hubbie and I rested,watched Survivor and then went to clean church.The church was a mess tonight,there was a special speaker and another church joined our congregation Monday night to hear him and it looked like there were alot of people there. We got home at 11:00 and I am very tired,glad again that I wrote part of this earlier because my eyelids are very heavy tonight.
I have really had a real mellow feeling all day,I feel clearer headed than I have in a while,I think yesterday was one of those times when God just kind of kicks me in the butt,so I can see more clearly what things are really important and what things are not worth worrying about at all!
I am doing well with my carb counting when I weighed last night I had lost 2 pounds already! I feel more energetic not eating all those carbohydrates.
Loving every minute of life with the love of God in my heart. Good Night.

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