Monday, November 30, 2009


It's another cool,rainy morning in the mountains,imagine that!!! Finished my Avon order,so when g-son got here we headed into town.Got all our errands done in record time,I guess no one is out and about in this nasty weather.Took g-son to lunch at chick-fil-a,after he ate he went to the little play area. I couldn't see him when he went all the way to the top of the tower and I kept watching for him to come down the big slide,but I could hear him jabbering something.Hubbie came in and we tried to see him,finally he came into view.He said "I can't do this" ,"I'm scared", well at this point as hubbie tried to coax him into laying down and sliding off the top platform,I was sizing up the openings for climbing the tower. A dad that was there with his 2 boys must have guessed what I was thinking,he said I've been up there,you'll fit. I was starting to pray that nobody I knew would come into eat just now and see me crawling up this thing!! One of the other boys went up to try to help g-son,we all had a good laugh when we heard g-son say "oh yeah,he's coming to save me!!". Anyway it worked he made it out without nana having to show off her athletic abilities (not),whew!!! Then he pitched a fit because we wouldn't let him go back in the tower,go figure! A lollipop dried the tears and we decided to take a road trip since this wasn't a fit day for much else. We drove to the little town south of here to do some antiquing , had a great time,didn't find but 1 little corner shelf. But must take daughter back down there,she would love it. One of hubbie's favorite places had pelts of all kinds of animals coyotes, foxes,beavers,raccoons,etc.. One of the silver fox pelts felt like silk,it was amazing,I had no idea fox fur was so soft! Anyway these were very expensive so none of these came home with us.
Speaking of furry critters this is a picture I took on my walk the other day......There is a smaller
creek that runs into the large creek that runs threw our pastures and the beavers are constantly trying to dam this little creek up.
When the water gets high in the creek it washes their dam away and it is amazing how fast they get that thing built back. It's only been a little over a week since it washed away and at this stage of their work ,they have created a pretty little waterfall. With all this rain it's going to be interesting to see how their handiwork holds up. Annie and Sadie terrorize these critters constantly,so I think they mainly stay on the other side of the creek,we hope so anyway!!!!
It is cold outside tonight temps in mid 30's and that wind is really whipping out there.It's nice to be inside and warm,looking through old photos,came across this lighthouse. This is the Oak Island lighthouse looking across the Cape Fear River from Southport,N.C. If you like bird watching, Oak Island is a place you should go,it is known for its abundant variety of feathered friends.We were there in early April the year we went and we stayed on the banks of Davis Canal which runs through a huge marsh,so we got to see plenty of wildlife. Through the years we have vacationed all up and down the N.C. coast and have visited almost all the N.C. lighthouses,the family has been to the top of Hatteras and Currituck,not me I am afraid of heights and got physically sick when I tried to go up in them. We ferried over to Ocracoke Island to it's lighthouse
and also visited Bodie Island lighthouse. I love the Outer Banks and we went there for several years,but that is at least an 8 hour dive for us so when g-son came along we chose a closer island.We still haven't visited the lighthouses located in the middle coast,hopefully that will happen in a few years. Well these were some memories of warmer times to help fend off the cold winds of tonight.
Thanking God for a safe journey today and the many blessings I have received.Bidding a soggy good bye to a wetter than normal,containing the late and only hurricane of the season,2 floods,full of construction projects,H1N1 flu dodging,praising God everyday month of November!!! Good Night.

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