Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You might have guessed by now that I am trying to make a point to myself!!
I found out today that the windows and door didn't come for the sunroom,they will be here next Monday. I have kept myself busy all day determined to be patient.
However this saying to the left best describes me!! As I have gotten better about this with age,I still have to work at it very hard. I have been reading quotes on the web about patience and there was one that seemed to keep popping up to grab my attention,it says "ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT". Our extended family Christmas gathering that I always host can be postponed and there will be no outside decorations this year to take down and put away!

Today was housework and laundry Tuesday,I also brought all the inside decorations out of storage and put them on the back porch (sunroom),so while it is raining tomorrow I can put them up.
On the bright side of the construction issue,they finished the roof today,so we won't have to worry about leaks!! Plus the builders consist of 2 brothers and 1 of their son's, the son went to school with my #1 son,they played football together,anyway that son was late this morning,I was hoping he wasn't sick,he came in about 10:00. This afternoon I was outside when he came over and showed me a picture on his cell phone,an ultrasound picture of his 1st little boy,good reason to be late for work!!! He was so proud.
As they left today they said we'll be back the next time the weather allows!!!! We are under a flood watch again tomorrow,I shut the gate to keep the cattle in the upper pasture.We might get 3-4 inches of rain. Wonder how much snow that would be??????
Daughter and I did some baking tonight,don't know how market will be this week with this weather. The Christmas parade is Saturday and that usually brings a lot of folks to town,
however the weather prediction for Saturday is snow!!! I'll say it again, this may be an interesting winter.
Forgive my impatience Lord and give me the wisdom and grace to deal with all the delays and difficulties that I face everyday. Good Night.


Mildred said...

Thankful that your roof is complete with rain expected. We had some renovation work over the past year and it really tried what little patience I have also!

Claudia said...

Oh I can relate to the impatient part so well. I do feel that the years play in our favor though, I know I used to be extremely inpatient but I'm getting better at it so that tells me when I'm older it'll be even better ... right????

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea on this rainy day after you are done in the market. Put your feet up and enjoy the calm of the rain.

The room will be done before you know it.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

On the other end, I am TOO patient sometimes :) You know this because of the way I am with Wes sometimes... a little too patient. Haha. We all have our "things", don't we!?