Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is not a scene that is normally seen from my front porch.It is the creek that runs through our pasture,swollen with rain that has been falling all day,very hard at times. I wish I had my rain gauge up somewhere to see just how much rain we got. Right after I took this picture the rain ended so the creek didn't flood but it was as close as it can get!!!!
I spent the morning icing cakes, got all of them done except coconut. G-son came in at lunch time and we started putting up Christmas decorations.As I was climbing on a little ladder to reach high places,I thought how next year G-son can call 911 if I fall!!!
I have a collection of santas and they always decorate the wood stove and mantel in the living room.Most of the cloth Santas in the sleigh are hand made.Bernie and Dolly were transfixed by the lights on the tree. And I did get my decorations on it tonight,that is one of my favorite things to do because each ornament brings memories of past Christmases.
I love this time of year,the world seems to undergo a smiling transition,everyone is friendlier and smiling,it has a peaceful feel in the air.I transform several rooms in my house,replacing routine decorations with Christmas decor.Routine things like this cactus become focal points.This cactus was about a foot tall when I first got it years ago,now it is about 5 feet tall,I keep it inside in winter and it is the perfect place for poinsettia blossoms.That pinecone poodle beside it,I found at the fair this year and just had to have it. I still have a lot of decorations to put up,but got a good start today. I have a big nativity scene that's probably going to be my only outside decoration for a while.I put it out on the hill,so it can be seen from the road and several neighbors have already asked where it is this year.I couldn't put it up in all the rain today. I'm one of the few houses around here that have a nativity scene for decoration and I think that is very sad.I don't get the lighted deer and other stuff because that's just not what Christmas is about to me. I even noticed in the store ads for outside decorations there is no nativity scenes, I think they're afraid to advertise them for fear someone will be offended,excuse me!!!, what do these people think Christmas is all about!!! I wear my "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" button wherever I go and always say Merry Christmas and I hope I offend someone and get to tell them the true meaning of the season.
Quite evening around here,daughter baked and I decorated,hubbie watched a ballgame on TV and helped me put my fall decorations away in the attic which I had piled on his side of the bed,ha,ha,ha. The rain has stopped and the wind has started,hopefully we won't lose our power.
Glory be to God in this wonderful time of celebrating Jesus birth. Good Night.


Mildred said...

We had rain all day too. Your decorations are so pretty. I notice some cross stitch ornaments and a sand dollar ornament - very nice. Bernie & Dolly look so sweet.

Claudia said...

I love that your decorations have a story. Some of ours do but most of them are still "store bought" since we just started this 6 years ago and Nico is just now getting to be old enough to make some. He did made a bell at church last Sunday so I'm excited to put it up this year!

I do have a button that says "It's ok, wish me a Merry Christmas" and I love it!!