Thursday, December 10, 2009


Builders were here early this morning,ready to get started.I loaded and took off to market,brrrr,it's cold and windy.
Had a decent day today with quite a few orders,very few sellers showed up today in the cold. I left market and ran errands and shopped for a few supplies for Saturday baking.The wind is really making it feel cold,I hate being all bundled up but I also hate freezing! As I stopped in the drive to get the mail I heard splashing and looked out in the pasture that is standing full of water and saw a whole flock of mallard ducks frolicking in the icy water. They didn't seem to find the cold wind at all,not to mention the 30 degree temperature.
Hubbie came in shortly after me and we unloaded and put things away,he went out to do the feeding chores and I fixed some grilled chicken and broccolli and cheese puffs for a quick supper.We left to go to daughter's little sisters strings concert at her high school at 6:30. The concert started with the middle school,it was amazing to hear the difference between the 6th grade,7th grade,8th grade and high school,the high school group was really good. I was having a hard time enjoying the music as I had to get up about 4 times in the hour we were there to let the lady beside me get out. I wear a knee brace on my right knee and after the 2nd time up and down my knee started throbing with pain. I had forgotten how close these high school auditorium seats are.
We left soon after they finished playing and we congratulated Kate on a very good performance.
We went to work at church until almost 11:00. I worked on my Avon order when I got home and listened to the news. God bless all the kids in the Big brother/Big sister program,as I sat there tonight,listening to the music,thinking how lucky Kate was to get the experience she has gotten through this program,she's a special young lady.
Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

Music opens many doors and creates many life-long friendships for young people. It's cold here in GA today too. I hope you will have a nice weekend - stay warm!