Saturday, December 19, 2009


First thing this morning I took my camera out to make pictures.
Came upon a just born calf in the neighbors pasture,brrrrr this would not be the ideal day to come into the world,but mom seemed to have things under control with a huge audience at hand!! When I checked on our cattle, who have not left the warm barn except for a drink of water since it started snowing,I told them, I hope they knew how lucky they are!This one seemed to give me a knowing look as she munched on hay in the dry barn.
It looks like a winter wonderland this morning with the sun glinting off the snow. It probably won't melt much today with the temperatures still in the mid 30's for high's.But it is still beautiful,we decided not to scrape our drive and see how much melted today.We live on what they call a secondary road so we are last to get our road scraped.This guy had the right idea this morning as he went down the road on his John Deere tractor.I don't know where he went but I happened to be outside this evening and saw him coming back up the road about 6 hours later.Maybe he did drive his tractor all the way to town!
The girls and g-son came over about lunchtime and after sledding down a very fast hill several times and having to be carried back up because the snow was to deep for him to walk in, g-son talked Pawpaw and Aunt T into helping him build a huge snowman. There was enough snow that it didn't take long for this fellow to take shape. And the finished Frosty looked pretty good.At least g-son thought so!! He played outside until his clothes were soaking wet,this boy loves this snow.He came in to dry off and rest, and eat lunch. The temperature started dropping and clouds covered the sun so the melting stopped.
I worked in my kitchen again today but have a very sore back so it went a lot slower but I am almost finished,I need to put some things back that I took down when the builders were beating on the side of the house.Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow. I rested my back while I watched Carolina lose a basketball game on TV. We cooked a pork loin in the crockpot and had everyone over for supper again tonight. I made a huge fruit salad for dessert and to snack on. I love fruit salad and it's funny when my kids were growing up we always had so much fruit around they would rather have had fruit than candy. All the vitamin C helps keep the winter colds away. For years right after Thanksgiving hubbie and I have went to the farmers market and bought boxes of citrus fruit. When the kids were all home we would buy at least 2 boxes and hope they lasted until Christmas,now we buy 1 box and hope we get them all eaten before they rot. Times sure change with a growing family.All my feathered friends seem to be back and hungry,I still don't have all my feeders up so I threw seed out on top of the snow and that seemed to suit them fine.Daughter, hubbie and I are sitting with a lighted Christmas tree watching Christmas movies on TV tonight,enjoying the season's warmness! Bernie seems to be enjoying the evening also, but i can't believe that position is comfortable!!!! Another blessed day comes to a fitting end.I'm not used to being home on Saturday,in fact I can't remember the last time I was at home on a Saturday,this dawned on me this morning when I was watching TV and I couldn't figure out why cartoons were on!
This time of year is usually one of my busiest times of the year so to have a slow relaxing few days are a blessing.The market was closed today and even if it wasn't,I wouldn't have been there.I was hoping we would get through December before the weather got bad but this is making me enjoy this Christmas more than I've had time to enjoy one in a long time. God knew I needed a break from all the busy things I've had to deal with for the last month and I welcome it. If we would just trust Him things would always work out for the best! Good Night.

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