Thursday, December 17, 2009


As I was getting ready for market the builder came by to pick up his things,he said his little girl had asthma as well as double pneumonia,bless her heart. She got to come home from the hospital yesterday and was having to take breathing treatments at home. Well the only thing left is the gutters that someone else has to do and hopefully by Tuesday that'll be taken care of.
Then we can work on the outside and the landscape.
Today was a slow market day.I ran errands and delivered Avon orders afterward,didn't get home until 5:15,a loonnngggg day!!! After chores and supper we watched Survivor then went and cleaned at church,we did extra tonight just in case the snow they are predicting materializes. A part of Christmas that I really enjoy is all the handmade ornaments I have collected and the memories they bring. These were made by a friend that used to have a table beside me at market,she loved making things from old cutter quilts.She would buy these old quilts off e-bay and make all kinds of things out of them,I have many of her ornaments,these are 3 examples. There also was a lady who lived on one of the mountains out my way and farmed sheep.She sold things made from the wool of her sheep,she had a spinning wheel and it was fun to watch her spin yarn.So they combined cutter quilt pieces and genuine sheep wool and made some beautiful Santas.I was worried about storing these but they have held up really well.Unfortunately neither of these ladies are still selling at the market. Along with sewing the first lady also painted things and these are very small gourd ornaments she painted.Both these ladies were special to me,one moved to another town and one had to get another job and I do see her every once and a while. I always have fond memories of talking,laughing and brainstorming about craft ideas with these two when I saw them every week.
I used to have about 50 hens and I sold eggs at market.One year one of my customers brought me 4 of the cutest ornaments made from my egg shells,each one has a different figure inside,these can be hung or she put a ring on the bottom so they can sit.
We used to rent an old dairy farm and the pastures were covered with
teasels,these had prickly heads and I gathered them when they were dry and sold them to use in dried flower arrangements,one Christmas I made these cute little teasel ornaments. That is enough ornament memories for one night.I'm listening to the weather and it sounds like tomorrow may be a very interesting day.I pray for the people who will have to get out on the slick roads and go to work.It used to be me, but now I stay home and I am very thankful that I don't have to drive in it.
Lord bless and keep all the drivers safe tomorrow. Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun post. I love Christmas ornaments and especially the hand-crafted ones. These are all just precious.
I sure am glad the little girl got to come home from the hospital. I continue to pray for her.
Wishing you a happy and safe weekend.