Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well the water is down,it isn't snowing or raining,but it is still dang cold outside this morning.
As we ate breakfast and waited for daughter and d-in-love to come for our road trip,hubbie decided he should stay home and check the fences so he could turn the cattle out in the lower pasture. So we 3 girls took a road trip,we hit the antique malls and shops in Tryon,N.C. then moved on to Landrum,S.C. a little town that I have been all around but never visited directly.
There wasn't much to it,we parked and walked up and down Main Street,only finding a couple of stores interesting enough to go in.One of these the people that worked there were eating lunch and they were telling some customers where they got the food ,saying it was the best place in town to eat.D-in-love got the name and directions as we all decided we were hungry especially after smelling their food,mmmmm!!! The little restaurant was only a mile further down the road,didn't take us long to find it.Stone Soup was the name,we went in about 2:30 and they said lunch was over but we could get soup ,salad or sandwiches. I had sweet potato/roasted red pepper soup,I've never had this,but I like trying new things when I go out to eat.It was delicious,but didn't taste like sweet potatoes,it almost tasted like it had tomatoes in it and a little spicy. D-in-love had chili,
daughter had an open face chicken salad sandwich.This was a unique restaurant in an old house,with a lot of outside seating.
All the tables had a different table cloth on them.The outside area was interesting,note the hanging windows and window treatments!!
The shopping trip/antiquing was a success for me except I didn't get the one thing I thought I was going after,the horse collar mirror that I had seen before.It was still there,the price was more than I remembered it being and after looking at it for a while I thought it was a bit small,so I made an offer on it,but the manager couldn't get hold of the owner so I didn't buy it. But I did find some treasures,this old whiskey barrel will make a beautiful potted plant holder,and these pictures are a perfect fit for the boards between the windows in my sunroom. I love old saws,I have my dad's old hand saw and have bought several old saws to hang in the new room on the wall,when I saw this old Bow Saw I had to add it to my collection. We got home late afternoon . Hubbie and I had to clean church tonight as we haven't done it all week so after we ate a bite and watched the news we headed to work.
We came home and as tired as I am I did get my blog post done.
Thank God for a blessed day,see you in church tomorrow!! Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Oh how fun!! Was the restaurant in Landrum?? The only store I've ever been in Landrum is "One Scrappy Chick" is a cool scrapbook store owned by a friend. Of course that was for the scrapbooking days --- before we had children --- :0)