Sunday, December 13, 2009


#1 son and g-son and I rode together to church this morning since everyone else was already there. I was disappointed in the Christmas program,it seemed hurried and the songs, although most I had never heard and the ones I had heard had unrecognizable arrangements.I'm a fan of the traditional hymns and love to hear them at Christmas so I was disappointed that there wasn't any more of them in the program.Although I still appreciate the work by all the choir members preparing this program.The church is usually full on this day but I guess the weather kept many people at home this morning.When we went in it was raining,when we came out the sun was shining,gotta love this mountain weather.
Had a full house for lunch,everyone had a busy schedule for the afternoon.Daughter had more volleyball clinics from 1-9 this evening, #2 son had to go to work from 2-6 ,#1 son's family went shopping ,hubbie and I went flooring shopping.
Funny thing when we drove to Lumber Liquidators that I found online and had a map to find.When we got there it wasn't there,hubbie called information and they gave him the phone # for the store at the address I had and when the man answered,hubbie proceeded to tell him where we were in an effort to get directions,the man says none of this sounds familiar to me. After a few more attempts,hubbie finally realized this man was in Charlotte and he said the store we were looking for wasn't even open yet!!!! We passed a sign that said GPS unreliable and I said we should make a sign that says Internet unreliable,why would there be a website for a store that isn't even there!!! We were close to the Farmers Market so we picked up a box of Lee's fruit and a bag of sweet potatoes so it wasn't entirely a wasted afternoon. Came home to do the chores before dark and had a light supper.It has been a beautiful sunny,warm afternoon almost 60 degrees,the cattle were taking their time getting up the hill to the barn as if they hated to get out of this warm sunshine.
It is really foggy this evening,there is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight with 120 meteors per hour at 2 am. Hubbie says he is going to get up,we'll see!!
To God all the glory!!! Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

I baked sweet potatoes last of my favorite foods with a little butter! I hope you have a wonderful week.