Monday, December 14, 2009


When I saw this calf in the news a few days ago with the cross on his head it reminded me of a calf we had years ago that had a heart in the middle of his head. To me there is nothing cuter than a baby calf,those big ole brown eyes hook me every time. Last winter we bought some 6-8 week old calves,off the bottle,supposedly. However we had to put 1 of them back on the bottle when he developed contracted tendons in both front feet. I would feed him 3 times a day and hubbie would rub his legs trying to get the tendons to relax. We tracked up to the barn through the only snowfall we had last year,hubbies mother died during this time also,but we made the track 3 times a day,morning,evening and right before we went to bed everyday for a month. When the weather got warmer we made him his own little lot in the pasture so he could rub noses with the other calves but they couldn't knock him down.He walked around on his knees and we were beginning to believe he would always be that way,until one miraculous morning I went up there and there he stood on all four feet,
normally. God works in miraculous ways and this to me was an overnight miracle,and when I turned him out with the other calves,he couldn't contain his joy either,it was a beautiful sight to behold.With all that special attention he got he was quite the pet and seemed to love attention.Doing the petting is g-son,daughter and little sister Kate.
We woke to a really foggy morning today,this was the neighbors house actually above the fog for a little while but the next time I looked it was covered also,I would have hated to be traveling this morning.
Builders were here early and are finishing up today. Oh no when they came back from lunch the lead man jumped back in his truck and took off really fast.When we asked where he was going,they said his 8 year old daughter was going to the hospital having trouble breathing.
They didn't hear any thing the rest of the day but the 2 workers finished up all the work,hallelujah,hallelujah!!!!!!!! Now it's our turn,went out late this afternoon and picked up the flooring,not exactly what I wanted,but couldn't find old barn wood look flooring, so I settled for Brazilian Teak,which is darker and matches the knot holes in the pine boards.
#1 son came by to pick up g-son and said if it rains in the morning he will come and help hubbie put it down while I watch g-son.That's a deal for me,I'd surely rather watch g-son instead of crawling around on my knees helping put floor down! This is one time I'm actually hoping for rain!!!!!! Contacted the electrician,he's coming Wednesday to finish up,no gutter people set yet,but I can finish and furnish the inside without gutters.While all this was going on g-son played outside and helped his pawpaw clean off the garden and store the stakes in the dry.After he had dragged a number of stakes behind pawpaw he said "okay that's enough",I think he was tired and hungry so we came in for a snack and drink. These animated animals I have for Christmas sing and dance Christmas songs and g-son was entertained for quite a while listening to them.This has been one of those days when it's hard to remember just 2 days ago when it was so cold,it's been in the 60's today,we worked outside without jackets all afternoon in the warm sunshine. I'm glad the Lord gives us days like this every once in a while as they sure make winter easier to get through.
I'm excited tonight to think that by this time tomorrow night,I might have all my new furniture in my room!!!!! I have been so excited today,I actually forgot to take pictures,they'll come tomorrow. Daughter has baked all evening,tomorrow night is my turn!
Talked to sister-in-law tonight,we are planning a New Years family get together since every ones so busy all around Christmas.
D-in-love called and found out the builders daughter had to be transfered to Mission Hospital today,please pray!!!
Thank God for giving me the patience I've needed all through this construction and asking for devine intervention for his little girl,her dad is such a hard worker and a devoted family man. Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for this little girl. Sad to be this sick any time, but especially at Christmas. I know you are thrilled to be so close to getting your furniture in place. That's a sweet story about your little calf also. Best wishes tomorrow with the flooring.