Thursday, December 3, 2009


Off to market early today,brrrrrrrr, it's cold out here! I guess its suppose to be cold since it is December! Market was surprisingly okay,I took some orders for Saturday,hopefully it won't snow and we'll be here. Had time today to visit with my neighbors anyway.
I had several errands to run and some Avon stops to make on the way home.I went to the grocery store just to buy groceries for a change.I have the things I need to bake with already at home. These times are what makes my business a challenge,if I bake a lot and it snows and I can't get out or nobody comes to market,that's bad. If I don't bake and it doesn't snow,I don't have anything to sell at market,that's bad.These are the little things that make life interesting and keep us on our toes I guess!!!! I made it home around 5:00 after making a trip by a house several miles up the road,I had forgotten about this place until a neighbor was talking about it today.This man makes Christmas yard ornaments in his wood shop,he makes a new one every year and has for several years,you can drive through his yard at night when they are all lighted.These are just some of the decorations he has,they are all around his house,I am going to take g-son up there one evening after he turns the lights on and drive through. I was proud to see he has several manger scenes.
As late as I got home I didn't put up anymore decorations,I ate catfish ,slaw and steamed rice for supper and snuggled with Bernie and Dolly for a little while before going to work at church.The builders were here today,there is a new pile of lumber in the yard and it looks like they are ready to put up the inside wall boards. We put up some of the decorations in the church and there were needles everywhere. This will be a 3 night church week,to get it all decorated and cleaned.
Saw a sign today that really says it all, it said,"If you don't have Christmas in your heart,you won't find it under the tree",Amen. Good Night.


Anonymous said...

We have one or two homes with lots of yard decorations and lights and all the children love to ride by there at dark. I like the sign that you quoted!

Claudia said...

We take that road to go to church every Sunday and each Sunday Nicolas would ask us "Is it time for Christmas lights yet???" through out the whole year, this is one of our traditions. As soon as he has everything ready we drive through and it's like dreamland - not only for him but for me too (and my mom when she was here that one year during Christmas), every chance we have we drive through and roll our windows down to hear the music. This past Sunday before we went to Hanging of the Green we stopped by for the first time this year and the man happened to be there, fixing something and we talked, he pointed the new stuff on the back of the house and we loved it, once again.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, what a true statement. Hope the weather holds and you have a perfect day with equal numbers of customers and goodies.