Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Work started early this morning,I started laundry while hubbie got everything organized for the flooring job.It isn't raining so it will probably be me helping. Got a call from #1 son saying he was coming to help.There was 1 job for g-son and he proudly did his part,then thought they couldn't do without him.I finally convinced him to come inside with a pancake covered with syrup and milk for breakfast. He is at the age where he needs to help whatever you are doing.
I did 5 loads of laundry while attending to g-son and watching the flooring.At first I really didn't like it,in fact I almost took it back early this morning,but couldn't find anything I liked any better. So I'm hoping it looks better finished than it does just started!
#2 son came up after lunch and they all 3 worked and had it finished in less than 4 hours.
#1 son and g-son had to leave for an appointment,so #2 son and hubbie made a platform to step down on out of the kitchen. And thankfully it does look a lot better finished and I like it now.In fact I REALLY like it. I bought it at a discount building supply place at a very good price and when #1 son was reading about it,he said it was probably some of the best flooring you could buy,it had a 35 year guarantee,my bargain hunting paid off once again!!
We didn't put any furniture in yet because I thought about all the glass tops on the tables I have and the electricians coming tomorrow to put up the lights,mmmmm, they might just drop something!!! The yard is still a mess of scraps, tarps,ladders,metal roofing pieces and all the stuff off my porches! The builder whose little girl went to the hospital yesterday didn't come back today and I hope that doesn't mean she is really sick. We can't really do anything outside until I find someone to put up gutters,another man is coming tomorrow. I can't even get most people to call me back,we think maybe some of these are out of business.
I vacuumed up the sawdust in the window sills and took all the stickers off. We ate cornbread and stew for supper and I am baking cakes and uploading photos for a Christmas collage for daughters little sister and wouldn't you know after I took the time to design the whole thing,then they tell me they have to ship it to me,I can't pick it up in the store,no time for that,so back to the drawing board,I decide to just order prints and make my own collage. This has been one of those nights and I'll be lucky if I get to bed by 1 am and that's with postponing some baking until morning,oh well won't be my first early morning bedtime,that's for sure!
Thank you Lord for giving me the strength and grace to smile and go on when things seem to be falling apart all around me. I know You are with me and You have a plan for everything and everyone. Good Night.

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