Monday, December 7, 2009


This is the ship my father-in-law sailed on during WWll,he ran away from home and joined the Navy when he was 16 years old and saw active duty all during the war. Judging by the crooked smile in all his pictures he was happy with his decision. However he has some horrid stories to tell and now Drs believe some of his sleep problems are post dramatic syndrome from his wartime experiences. These guys that go and fight for our freedom need all our prayers then and now! Talked to a mother this morning who has a young marine fighting in Iraq and has to spend Christmas praying for his safety,I'll pray also.I met this lady years ago when her son first joined the service,he was headed to Camp Legume in the hot summer and she ordered a bunch of sin-so-soft for him and his friends that were going in with him,at first they were told they couldn't take the SSS into camp,but they finally got to take it and I never asked how she got that done!
Today was Avon delivery day,I don't like this time of year,nobody seems to have the money to pay for what they've ordered. It may be the giving season but Avon is a business and Avon sure doesn't give these products to me! This happens every year and it never fails to amaze me,why would you order Avon if you don't have the money???? It's not like these products are a must have to survive!!! Okay at least I feel better now getting that out,screaming in type still helps!!
On the way home I found a new little re-sale shop very close to home,(how convenient) I love these stores and this one had some really good deals.Very nice lady just opened up last Wednesday,said the man she rented the building from actually prayed with her that her business would be successful,that's a great way to start off. I got home about 12:30,had lunch,checked out the builders progress and g-son and I took off to Lowes to look for some lights for the new room. They are siding the outside today and I love it. Found a perfect light for the outside but not a ceiling fan.Went to Home Depot,nothing there either.Not that I'm that particular but mahogany,walnut or cherry fan blades are just not gonna go with rough sawed pine ceiling and walls!!! Might have to settle for one in Lowes that's light maple.
Came home and fixed supper of pinto beans,fresh kale from our winter garden,pork barbacue and cornbread for #1 son's family and daughter who was here making cupcakes for a girl in her Bible study class's baby shower tomorrow night.D-in-love helped her decorate them. Any guesses, boy or girl????????? Those girls have a great
time in that class and they lean on each other which is wonderful. After everyone left I watched Carrie Underwood's holiday special on TV.She had my most favorite singer of all time as one of her guest,Dolly Parton, they sang together and it sounded really good. It was a really good show,reminded me of Dolly's holiday show years ago. I like Carrie as a singer because she isn't afraid to put her faith in God out there for everyone to hear.
I'm listening to another rain forecast for tomorrow night and Wednesday,oh boy,every week. Maybe they can get here in the morning and get a little more work done before it starts,sounds like Wednesday will be a complete wash-out.
Thinking how special this season is as I listened to Carrie close her show with Oh Holy Night,she really belted it out and it made my heart swell with my love for Jesus. Good Night.


Claudia said...

Oh the cupcakes look YUMMY!!! Can't wait 'til tonight, there is more than one reason to celebrate this baby, not only the baby but the fact that Mom hasn't had to have any bed rest this time (she had to do that during the first pregnancy). Praise God for that.

I love old pictures, specially when you know the story behind the picture. I see where your youngest one gets his looks, amazing how much he looks like your father-in-law.

Deborah said...

What a nice post! I enjoyed reading it!