Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Poinsettias are lovely flowers,I love to decorate with them at Christmas. Although I use artificial ones mostly because of g-son and the 4-legged kids,I usually sneak a real 1 or 2 in a safe place for my eyes only! I have some single blooms stuck in my Christmas tree and when g-son took one out and was looking at it today I told him the story of the poinsettia,I know he is too young to know what I'm talking about now,I'm just brushing up my memory for the time that is coming to fast when he will understand and remember. Lazy like I am instead of writing the whole thing down I found this to place on line,sorry it's a little blurry.Click to enlarge and read........ This is a great children's Christmas story,with a very true meaning.
I have tried year after year to keep some of these alive from one Christmas to the next with no success.I know it can be done because I have an Avon customer that has one she has had for years,it blooms when she puts it outside in the summer but it is a beautiful sight at that time of year.Of course this is a lady who grows beautiful plants from pineapple tops,sweet potatoes and avocado seeds and well you get the picture!!! I love going to see her to see what she has growing.
Today has been a very windy day,but bright sunshine was a welcoming sight this morning after being woke up about 4 am from pounding hard rain. The creek was again at full level but didn't run across the road. It would have been a very nice warm 62 degree day to get outside if the wind didn't try to knock you over,blowing steadily at 30 mph with higher gusts.A lot of people lost their power due to fallen trees,we were one of the lucky ones who didn't.What crazy weather we are having,and it's not just here,makes me nervous!!!!!!!!
G-son and I stayed inside and had a boring day,I lined up a man to give me an estimate on gutters tomorrow,the builders brought more boards in this morning but couldn't work in the wind. I baked some cakes for an order that I received this morning and iced what I baked last night.I was hurrying in case we lost our power. After lunch I did some paperwork and worked on my Avon order that has to go off Friday.
Made a startling discovery tonight,hubbie has been looking for a product called "SeaBond Denturite" it is a lining he uses in his partial.He has looked in all the places he has been buying it but couldn't find it and tonight online we discovered why,it has been discontinued.But that's not the startling part,in my search I saw some e-bay ads for this product,so being an e-bayer myself at times,I clicked on over,believe it or not this product that sold a month ago for 4.95 in stores was going for close to $100.00,yes that's $100.00, I told hubbie you can have your partial professionally re-lined for not much more than that.
I'd like to know how you get the inside line on when products are being discontinued.
I waited for daughter to do all her baking tonight before I iced my coconut cakes.I am watching the news now and headed to bed shortly,I didn't sleep well last night with the pouring rain,this metal roof is going to take some getting used to!!!
God is good all the time,all the time God is good!!!!!! Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

I love poinsettias too but have no success with them. I have been up since about 3 a.m. when rain and wind woke me too. It was clear during the day but oh, so windy! Maybe we will both rest soundly tonight. Have a great day Thursday.