Friday, December 18, 2009


SNOW!! SNOW!! and more SNOW!!!! It's been years since I have seen this much snow.
I woke up to the phone ringing at 6:30,canceling school,since hubbie and daughter work there,we are on the school closing call list. I looked outside but didn't see anything,I heard daughter getting ready for work,she has to go on optional workdays.Hubbie was already at work as he goes in at 6 am. I went back to bed and listened to the scanner in our bedroom,they weren't saying anything about bad roads. As I dozed off again,I heard hubbie's car go by the house.I looked out the window and saw these great big flakes pouring down. Hubbie doesn't have a 4-wheel drive work truck,so he can't work in bad weather as they won't let him take his 2-wheel drive out. The scanner came suddenly alive with auto accidents,the roads must be really slick.
As we ate breakfast,daughter came home,they had sent her home before it gets to bad.She said she saw several cars in the ditches.
G-son came over and he and d-in-love spent the day with us.When they were playing and sledding it was before the snow really got deep.But it started snowing so hard they didn't want to go back out.The pictures on the left were taken about 11 am and the pictures on the right were taken about 2 pm, it actually sleeted for awhile after the first pictures so you can tell the snow has really been coming down. I took advantage of staying inside and worked on moving my keepsake glassware and dishes out to my knew cabinet and re-arranging some of my kitchen cabinets. We made a big pot of homemade soup and cornbread,I called #2 son who has delivered mail all day on a walking route downtown and he came to eat with us. Daughter went home with g-son and d-in-love to spend the night,#2 son went home to rest up for tomorrow,as he has to walk in the snow again. I measured 9" of snow while we were doing the chores outside,I fell 3 times,it is a wet supper slick snow with a sleet layer under it. My back is telling me tonight how hard it was to walk around in the snow. But as I watch the news I'm very thankful to be home,warm and with power. The interstates are all blocked with truck wrecks and 100's of people are stuck in their cars and 1000's of people are without power tonight in the cold,so I'm very thankful!!!!
As I stood in the kitchen tonight all of a sudden the floor shook,I thought a tree had fallen. We went outside to see if we could see what happen and was shocked to see about 5 feet of snow between the front porch and my van that had slid off the roof. Hubbie got out and shoveled a path to carry wood in. One of the perils of a metal roof,we knew it could happen and had moved daughter's jeep earlier from the backside of the house. This much snow could knock a windshield out if it hit just right I think. This snowfall has put into perspective how ill-prepared we were for this kind of seriously bad weather and you can be sure as soon as I get out I'll get prepared for next time!!
Praying tonight for #2 son as he is the only one of us who will be out on the roads going to work in the morning.Lord watch over him and all the hard workers that have to brave the conditions to get to work no matter what the weather. Thanking God for a blessed day with family. Now I'm going to soak in a hot tub and then find my heating pad for my back! Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had received that much snow. It's pretty to look at but I know how dangerous it can be. I'm sorry about your falls. Hopefully the hot water and heat are helping. May God bless your son today. That soup and cornbread sound mighty good to me!