Friday, December 11, 2009


Woke up early with a sinus headache this morning.Took the dogs outside and walked around,breathing in the fresh very cold air to help it go away and it worked,good enough anyway.
Builders were here early to my surprise,it is still 22 degrees at 8:15,I guess they are used to it,I used to be when we had a lot of animals and baby calves to feed,I was up and out no matter what the weather. I've always loved being out in the fresh air,it seems to make a difference in how I feel.
I baked cakes this morning and finished my Avon order while listening to the hammering and sawing right outside my kitchen window. Things are really looking good out there. After lunch they called me out and told me hubbie had gotten the wrong door knob and lock,so I went to exchange it and also bought a ceiling fan,it looked to dark hanging up in the store,but when I got a salesman to open the box,I think it will match just fine and I love the light.And it is the same lantern look of the outside light I bought the other day. I did a little floor shopping but nothing caught my eye so far.I just might get to put up outside decorations after all.I was amazed at the people at Lowe's picking out Christmas trees.The sun has finally made an appearance this afternoon and brought the temperatures up to 34,whew get me a fan,ha ha!!
Well construction is almost finished,they only have a few little things to do Monday and their gone. Now our part begins,decisions,decisions,at least they did it for the price they quoted,no more,that was good.I'll be glad to have my yard cleaned up and the driveway opened back up,instead of having to walk to the barn to get my van.The gutter guy never called me back with his estimate,maybe he doesn't want the job,I know he came out here yesterday.
After supper we went and finished work at church. I came home to icing caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes. I wrapped and labeled everything,I'm ready to go,I'll be on my own tomorrow as daughter has a volleyball all day tournament at a local college. I hope the ice forecaster's are wrong tomorrow afternoon. I'm watching the news and then off to an earlier bedtime. Thanking God for all my blessings tonight. Good Night.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I love the fan you chose. Very pretty. GA is supposed to get 2 more inches of rain today. I sure hope you won't get ice. Hope you have a successful day at market!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

I have the same lights!!! They are outside....LOVE THEM!!! I would have done the ceiling fan....out of my budget!!! Thanks for visiting my blog....I'm off to check out your blog!!!