Sunday, December 20, 2009


No church this morning,but they at last did get around to scraping our road,but there is still a lot of ice on it. #1 son came in from Georgia where he has been deer hunting since last Wednesday,he missed all the snow fun and didn't even get a deer. Hubbie decided to scrap our drive since the sun is suppose to shine today. I stayed in the nice warm house this morning since my back is really giving me a fit. He tried to scrap enough snow off to get a little traction and thin it down so the sun would melt it off quicker without scraping all the gravel off. All the birds from yesterday must have spread the word about the free meal as there was about 3 times as many today.I took about 4 pictures and didn't get the same bird in any 2 that I took.In this one picture there is MorningDoves,BlueJay,Cardinal,Towhee,Wren and another one I couldn't ID.This male Cardinal looked as if he was posing as the look-out for everyone else. All the kids came for lunch and then daughter and I took her jeep to Walmart to get some baking supplies. I was surprised the parking lot wasn't even cleared,I was afraid someone was going to slide into us with all the spinning and sliding around some cars were doing. We took our time and had no trouble but all the water on the roads will turn to ice tonight as it is suppose to be 20 degrees. It hasn't warmed up but to the upper 30's this afternoon and on our way home about 4:00 her car thermometer said 33 and the snow is starting to harden up again.
G-son spent the afternoon with Pawpaw while everyone else ran errands. After we got home and got everything put away hubbie went outside to do chores,I carefully went outside and put the dogs up and fed them and carefully came back inside.Yea,no falls today!!!
We decided to have a family shrimp boil tonight,boy were they good. We watched the last Survivor show this season. D-in-love has to work in the morning at 7 and the truck she was going to drive has a flat tire tonight, so #1 son is going to have to take her to work,so g-son is spending the night here so he won't have to get out in the cold in the morning. Hubbie was supposed to work but decided to take the day off because of all the ice. #2 son has to go to work at 7 also in the morning. Lord keep them safe on the roads in the morning and every morning. Daughter gave g-son a bath and he is winding down,he took a late nap so bedtime is going to be a challenge,not to mention the chocolate candy he ate earlier!
I'm going to soak in a hot bath then sleep on the heating pad again in hopes my back feels better tomorrow. I didn't get anything done today that I was hoping to do, but after all it is Sunday our day of rest!Only 4 days left until Christmas morning,are you thanking God for the reason we celebrate this season? Please pray for those who don't know or won't recognize the true meaning of this season. God Bless and Good Night.

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