Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Up early today,baking cakes I didn't get done last night and icing 12 caramel cakes,that's all my back can take at a time. Electrician came and my lights look great even if I do say so myself.They didn't charge an arm and a leg either.Very nice young men,quick and did a good job,I would recommend them.After lunch I took g-son who was full of energy outside and he dragged lumber and I carried until we got all the scrap pieces out of the yard.It looks a lot better and I can get to my bird feeders now to refill them.I'm missing my feathered friends and they are probably missing their free meals!
When we came inside g-son was hungry and ate everything I put in front of him and asked for more.He had mac and cheese and chicken fries with milk. In between all this activity I met with 3 gutter guys today(2 at one time,oops) but only one said he could get it done before Christmas and thankfully he was the cheapest and the nicest so I'm glad that worked out.He is supposed to be here Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.G-son is still full of energy,riding his tricycle around and around. Hubbie came in and we put down the last trim on the floor with g-son's help of course. After supper d-in-love came after g-son and daughter went to coach a club volleyball practice,I called #2 son to see if he could help move my furniture in to the new room. He came up and we got all the furniture in place and even got things back in place on the front porch to give hubbie his carport back. It is to dark for pictures but I love the furniture I got and it looks so good in there! Hubbie and I were sitting out there after we moved everything and he looked over and said "why didn't we do this a long time ago?",I wish we had while the kids were still home,but that little thing called "money" kept us from any unnecessary construction projects while raising 3 kids. We didn't need a place to go to sit and relax back then anyway because there wasn't any time to relax!
Daughter came home and did her baking while I did paperwork and payed bills and stamped my Avon books. I frosted chocolate and coconut cakes,watched the news and listened to the prediction of snow for Friday and Saturday.I have several cake orders for Saturday so it will be interesting.
This has been a special day,I worked outside in the fresh air all afternoon and g-son was especially active today and such a joy to be with. I still haven't heard anything from the builder about his daughter but he hasn't came back after any of his things or the rest of the money I owe him,so that makes me worried! Still praying for her. Thank God for all my blessings and family and friends. Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful that you got your furniture back in place. I know you will enjoy this new room. Glad you had a fun time with the grandson and I hope the weather won't affect your cake orders being delivered. I will pray for the builder's daughter.