Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Rain,rain,rain this is the view out my window today. The builders were here early this morning and they got quite a bit done before the rain started,they moved inside and worked for a couple more hours.I think they ran out of boards for the walls. I did housework and laundry all morning,fitting for a day like this. I have a Dermatology appointment for a skin check today at 3:30,I have to go often since they found that melanoma cancer this past spring. 2 hours before it was time to go I got a headache,just from the dread of going.The exam is no big deal but the fear of him finding something else almost makes me physically ill. I'm trying to stay very busy to keep my mind off it,it's not working!!! Finally time to go,as I'm driving over there,I talk to God and by the time I get there I'm a lot calmer. All goes well with the exam,thank you God!!! In fact I got 2 nice surprises,)1 I don't have to come back for 1 year,
)2 the doctor asked what is the deductible you usually pay? I said $50, he said not today its Christmas,there's no charge. How about that,doesn't happen often,I'm impressed,maybe he could see the stress in my face and knew I needed a mental boost!!!!
I stopped at Ingles on the way home for a few things and was home by 4:30,daughter and hubbie were here.We did outside chores in the rain,again! It is raining harder and harder,we shut the gate on the cattle ,keeping them on the hill. There is no flood watches but there wasn't the other time we had to swim after them.
It felt good to get inside and relax after the nerve frazzling afternoon I've had. I snuggled with Bernie and Dolly for a while before it was time to go to work baking some cakes. Daughter coaches a 4th grade girls basketball team and she had her first practice tonight,then went to Bible Study,she'll bake tomorrow night. Hubbie had to get out in the pouring rain tonight and put up another tarp where we don't have gutters on the new room to keep the water from running in the basement of our house.Brrrrr,it's 35 degrees out here,it has been a cold day never got out of the 30's,at least what's falling is liquid!!
I'm glad to see days like this come to a positive end,if I'd just learn to fully trust God there wouldn't be days like this,that's easier said than done even though I know it's in His hands anyway. This is a nativity scene on a pillow from my couch that I rested my head on tonight,who couldn't relax with this under your head!!!Good Night.


Mildred said...

Praise the Lord for your good report today. That is the prettiest pillow. Hopefully you can rest well and enjoy every minute of the Christmas season now. So happy for you.

Claudia said...

Great news ... Praise God.