Sunday, December 27, 2009


It was nice to see the clear blue sky this morning after church as I waited for hubbie to take some elder's cars back up to the door.Unbelievable amount of snow still on our church roof.
We had #2 son for lunch,daughter is dog sitting and #1 son's family is at a Christmas family gathering this afternoon. Forgive us Lord but after everyone left hubbie and I started a "finding the lids on the septic tank" project. After a long afternoon,several blisters,and 2 aching backs we accomplished our mission. With the weather as unpredictable as it's been we are having to do things when weather allows,otherwise we wouldn't have undertaken a project like this on a Sunday afternoon. By the weather prognosticator's (is that a word?) predictions we have a 2 1/2 day (maybe!) window to get a lot done around our very muddy yard, so we can take the tarps down and remove the plywood pieces that are keeping mud from splattering on the siding and windows. I should deliver Avon books tomorrow but I'm postponing that until we get some of this stuff done.It was a nice day to be outside,50 degrees with plenty of sunshine,but later in the evening a few clouds started rolling in but the snow tonight is suppose to be north of us.
After soup and brown rice for supper we rested for a bit then made a trip to Walmart for some baking supplies I'll need tomorrow night. When we got home hubbie went to read and I downloaded some photos onto another site. I'm ready for a good hot soak in the tub and maybe I'll be able to pull myself out of bed in the morning! I thank God everyday for giving me the strength and health to work like I do and am grateful for the good tired feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long day. Good Night.

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