Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today has been a busy,busy day! Hubbie and I followed daughter to market and helped her get set up. Left there went to his eye doctor because the lens fell out of his glasses last night,they fixed them while we ran to Tractor Supply for feed. Then it was off to Lowes for more landscape blocks and edging,we found some really nice composite edging,never heard of it before, but it worked great. Also picked up more bedding to put in the outside dog houses,it is going to be the coldest of the year this weekend. Grabbed lunch on the way home to save time.
We finished the grill patio,hauled dirt and finished the back filling,spread the mulch and hubbie hauled large rocks and placed them in the beds so the dogs can't dig in there. To busy for pictures today,they'll come later,but it really looks good! I crawled all the way up under the room and filled a hole against the house with dirt,I don't like close places and did not like being up under there between the floor joist with hardly room to wriggle,but it had to be done and hubbie was to big to fit! We got out the chain saw and cut down 2 huge bushes that have gotten ugly with age and all the trimming over the years. #2 son came up and said he came in from work and heard the chain saw and that reminded him he needed a tree cut down, so if we get ice it wouldn't fall on his well house. While we drug all the brush and piled it up in the woods he found ropes and put gas in the big chain saw. We went down to his house and he climbed up the tree and tied a rope around it as high as he could reach,he and I pulled it away from the well house while hubbie sawed,landed in the perfect spot. I guess they got confident because they tried to cut another dead tree but it lodged on 2 other trees,they just left it because there's no way it can fall toward his house now and it is up in the woods. We came home did our evening chores and ate supper. I rested on the couch for a while then payed bills and did paperwork.
It's almost time for the Christmas tree to come down and I was thinking tonight about the ornaments (memories) I have added this year.We vacationed on Sunset Beach,N.C. for the first time this year.It is an island off the southern coast of N.C. We spent a week there in the spring and in the fall,we stayed in a house on Tubbs Bay and loved this quite little island.To get on or off this island and back to the interstate you pass through Calabash,N.C. known for it's delicious seafood restaurants. Hubbie and I used to drive up here to eat when the kids were small from Myrtle Beach,S.C. But I hadn't been here in many years and the seafood was still great.
Daughter's "little sister" Caitlyn made this ornament and gave it to me for my tree,before I store it away I'll find a way to put her name and the year on this. She is a very resourceful young lady and seems to be very responsible and mature for her age.This has been a very good Christmas for her because her and her mom got to move into their first real house.They have been living at mainstay and other 1 room places,Caitlyn was excited about having her own bathroom.The house they moved into is actually not far from us and I think this is the first time they have lived out of town.

This ornament needs no explanation and with the date on the back,it'll always bring back memories of g-son's 3rd Christmas.
I love having these memories brought back every Christmas,that is a big part of the joy of Christmas for me.
Well my 3 days of digging and lifting have caught up with me,I feel like I've been run over by a truck tonight.Hubbie said he felt like a 55 year old that had been working like a 25 year old. I guess tomorrow will bring a break from the work because he is going back to work and I have a bunch of business and errands to run at least in the morning,he gets off early at 2:30 and we'll be back at it after that as long as the rain or snow doesn't start.
Thank you God for the strength I've had today and all the blessings that You sent my way. Good Night and God Bless.

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