Saturday, December 5, 2009


Snowy market day,I looked online before we left to make sure we wouldn't get snow bound out there. It looked like most of the snow has already passed us by so off we went. There were quite a few people out in the weather this morning to my surprise. It started snowing hard about the time the parade started uptown,what fun ,a parade in the snow,a very memorable event. I took a picture in the parking lot of the market when the flakes got pretty large. I remember going to the parade when I was a child,the parade went up 7th avenue back then and there was a drug store with an ice cream counter that we always went to to watch the parade pass,I can remember some cold nights,yes the parade was at night back then, I don't ever remember it snowing during the parade,funny I remember being at the parades and where we were but don't remember any thing about what kind of crowds, or what was in the parade,except of course Santa who always came last in a horse drawn buggy. I remember one year when my kids were young,as we were always involved in so many activities,1 or more of the kids were almost always in the parade,this particular memory was of our cub scout troop,hubbie was cub master and I was an officer of some kind,anyway we had a float in the parade,a flatbed trailer pulled by one of the dad's on a tractor, we took one of our goats,have no memory of why,but I remember making the goat a Christmas costume,this year it was cold,cold and very windy,we all rode most of the way with our heads covered trying to stay warm instead of waving at the crowds of people. I can still feel the warmth of the hot chocolate provided at the end of that ride!!!
I love the festive look and smells of market this time of year with all the greenery for sale.I traded one of the vendors a cake for 2 mulberry soy candles today,I heard on the radio that this scent repels ladybugs and I could sure use some, as every year my house is on the ladybug favorite places to visit list.We have thousands of these little red spotted buggers all over the outside and some on the inside of the south side of our house twice a year. If I can find a scent to keep them outside I would be happy to let them go on their way.
Funny how when you go looking for something you can never find it and when you're not looking or even thinking about somethings how they just fall into you're lap.Well that's kinda what happened to me this afternoon.
After market daughter had plans to go by her dog sitting job,then go to #2 son's house and help him put out Christmas decorations,than go on a date she had,whew!
I said I was going to walk up to the Hospice thrift shop which is close to market,she said she wanted to go also and she also said she had a coupon for 20% off rings at a jewelery store up the street and I needed to check out the wedding rings in there.So away we went as we left the thrift store with several bargains we started up the street to the jewelery store and passed a large sign in front of an interior decorations shop that said moving sale 50%-75% off everything. As a couple shoppers who can't pass up a bargain in we went, there it was,what I've been looking for a huge glass fronted curio cabinet,perfect,and 75% off,wow.Second Saturday in a row hubbie gets a call,come to town to help haul furniture home. The stuff I bought last Saturday is still covered up in the back of his truck,so he brought his car,put everything in the van in his car and daughter's jeep and put the cabinet in the van. When he got there he liked some chairs they had,daughter had already said she thought they would look good in there but the price on them was $299 each with 50% off,I still thought that was too high.However when hubbie started talking about them the guy said, oh there actually on clearance at $149 each,so you'd get 50% off that price making them $75 each,I paid for them and said we'd be back to get them.I also found a lamp that I couldn't live without.I love the different woods in the base. When we went back to get the chairs, which I'll wait to take pics of until they're in place,I also bought another small corner glass front curio at clearance plus 50% off. I feel like I got fantastic deals and I wasn't even looking for furniture today. I had to put this furniture in #2 son's house until my room is finished. I have everything I need now and am happy with the amount of money I spent on it so all is well!!! I even finally made it to the jewelery store and actually found a ring I liked at a price I liked with the 20% off coupon daughter gave me,but they didn't have the band to match and would have to order it and special orders were excluded from the coupon,hey not my fault someone sold just the matching band! So I didn't buy anything,guess a new ring is just not that high on my list right now!These jewelers look at me like I'm crazy anyway when I say I just want something very simple and small. And what I want they have to pull out from under their counters,they don't have them displayed. With my luck with losing diamonds out of my rings there's no way I'd buy a large diamond even if I could afford it which I surely can't.
Hubbie and I picked up Sub-way for us and #2 son who helped unload the first load and is waiting to unload this load into his house. We did outside chores in the dark tonight.It is really cold already 30 degrees,brrrrr. Low 20's expected tonight.
All this excitement wore me out so Bernie ,Dolly and I vegged out on the couch for a while,in fact they are still there while I got up to write this.
Looking forward to church tomorrow,the children are putting on their Christmas play.The message of our Savior is so precious coming from children,maybe it will touch at least 1 lost soul, and the glory will be all Gods. Good Night.

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