Monday, December 21, 2009


Thirty years ago this evening hubbie and I, when we got home from work, along with my parents,went to an old minister's house,the same minister that married them about 27 years prior to that night and said our marriage vows. I had never wanted a big wedding and neither did he so this quite little ceremony suited us both. We came home to a little wedding party with my brother and his then wife,who is still a friend of mine even after their divorce.She was and is a special lady.
Hubbie's mother never liked me very much so his parents didn't celebrate our marriage with us. This lovely Christmas cactus,funny because I almost bought one of these a few days ago, and a gift card to my favorite place to eat,Cracker Barrel was our anniversary gift from the kids and this fresh water pearl set is hubbie's gift to me. I didn't get him anything because quite frankly I forgot all about it until this afternoon,oops! I told him I will drive when we go to Cracker barrel so it'll be like I'm taking him out!
G-son slept between hubbie and I last night,he said it was cold in his room right across the hall.ha,ha. He is not the snuggley type as he twist and turns a lot in his sleep but he only woke me up one time last night when he hit my sore back with his head. We got up and left him asleep this morning,did the morning chores which now include breaking ice on the cattle's water trough.It is 20 degrees and everything is frozen solid this morning. I baked cakes all morning while hubbie helped #1 son with his tire. G-son is up eating a late brunch of mac and cheese as he watches TV,daughter has gone to meet a friend for lunch and meet with a new dog sitting client. My back is a little better today but I'm still wearing my brace,it's only painful mostly when I stoop or twist. Thankfully daughter will be with me at market tomorrow to carry everything.The sun is so bright today it is beautiful glistening off the snow. Snow is always pretty but it sure creates more work on the farm as the animals still have to be fed,even more because they can't get to the grass.Caught the neighbor in the field we used to rent and this is exactly how we used to have to feed our cattle when we had them in several different rented pastures. Here is some of my inside snowmen the one on the left is made from a chenille bedspread and the one on the right is made from small clay pots,both I bought at craft shows with intention of using them for patterns to make some myself,maybe one of these days!! The chenille one came from a craft show I sold in for years at the local community college and the clay pot one came from a huge Christmas Show in South Carolina that I sold in for several years,they bring back memories of a very busy Christmas season years ago. The gourd snowman on the left,I bought after Christmas at a shop downtown,I had seen it before Christmas but it was so expensive I had to wait for the after Christmas sale! The gourd snowman on the right I bought this year at the Mountain State Fair. I love gourd art but most of it is to expensive for my budget. I always grow gourds but don't seem to have the time to do anything with them. The simplest snowman to make that I have is this guy,he is made from 3 fabric yo yos with felt decorations all glued together,very easy when you have time!! You can actually make him any size you want,mine is about 8" tall,he leans against the trunk of my kitchen tree. As I sit here typing this I hear the rest of the snow sliding off the roof,just to think I was supposed to get gutters put up today,oh well! This melting and muddiness is my most unfavorite part of snowfall. G-son is trapped inside because he loves mud and believe me he could find plenty of it today!
He and I both are like caged animals today,we both love the outdoors. The gutter guy called and said they would be here Wednesday. I got a call from the market manager saying the market isn't going to open tomorrow because of ice in the parking lot which they are just now scraping! I told her I would be set up in the parking lot with my orders,I called all my customers and told them I would be there. I hate this because on this day I could have sold a lot of crafts but will have only cakes in the parking lot tomorrow.I have more than a dozen customers picking up their Christmas orders.Daughter is baking her orders now with g-son's help. Later this evening got a call from the chairman of the board at the market,saying market is going to open tomorrow,so we won't be in the parking lot after all. I guess I wasn't the only vendor who had taken orders for tomorrow!
There used to be a commercial on TV,I don't remember what product it advertised but the song Hallelujah played as people reacted to the moment they realized their headache pain was gone,well I felt like shouting hallelujah myself a little while ago.I had finished icing my caramel and chocolate cakes and was getting out of daughters way as she baked some other things since the market is open,I was sitting at the table writing labels when I turned around to get a pen and realized the pain in my back was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is still a sore place but that sharp pain when I move certain ways or cough is gone,HALLELUJAH!!!!
Thank you Lord this is going to make things much more enjoyable for me.Daughter and I have a shopping trip up town after market planned for tomorrow and maybe a stop at the mall on the way home. Wednesday maybe another trip to the little town hubbie and I went to a couple weeks ago that I thought she would love.
I have a couple of coconut cakes to ice and then a soak in a hot tub is over due today. Thanking God for another beautiful day and all my blessings. Just remember starting tomorrow the daylight hours of each day are going to get longer,another hallelujah! Good Night.


Claudia said...

Happy 30th Anniversary!!!!!!

Funny that you forgot and not him, normally is the other way around.

Your gifts are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and wishing you and your entire family a very Merry Christmas.