Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year's Eve!!
Snow was off the roads this morning so daughter and I went to market,except for the orders I had we sold very little. The temperature is 40 and a lot of the snow in town is melting.
I went by the county co-op to pick up a few things on my way home.
After things were unloaded I started some laundry,hubbie is working on a couple of small jobs outside. We ate left-overs and soup for supper as I did more laundry.
We decided to go work at church a while early this evening.It is very foggy outside,I pray that all the folks celebrating will be very careful on their drive home,it is very hard to see anything.
After we came home I started to reflect on this past year. I only started blogging in July so you only know half the year.
January 2009-Annie came to live with us,she and her sister Ginger who lives with #1 son,are registered Australian Shepherds,we drove to Granite Falls and bought them when they were 4 months old.

February 2009- Was not a good month,hubbie's mother had a stroke,was hospitalized,had a heart attack and another stroke while there for a week and had to be moved to Hospice at the end of the month.Spotted a white squirrel in the trees in front of the house for the first time.

March 2009- Hubbie's mother unfortunately died on March 4th,hubbie's brother's birthday.
We bought 6 Holstein calves,6 weeks old,had to put one of them back on the bottle because of contracted tendons.We had the biggest snowfall of the season the first of March. It was about 4 inches but didn't stay long. One night stands out in my memory during this time,before bedtime we were walking up to the barn to take a bottle to the little calf and it was like daylight with the snow on the ground,so peaceful and quite.

April 2009- A very worrisome month for me, went to a dermatologist for the first time in my life and he took a stage 11 malignant melanoma off my arm and I had to wait 3 weeks for him to do the second cut to see how deep it really went. Calf miraculously walked normally.

May 2009- Got good news from the second cut of the melanoma after he cut a huge chunk out of my arm and put 30 stitches in to close it ,he declared that spot cancer free. We made our first trip to Sunset Beach for a spring vacation,#2 son stayed home and took care of the farm while everyone else went,we drove down to Ripley's Aquarium.May was a very rainy month it rained everyday for 2 weeks and flooded our pasture while we were at the beach,luckily we had sold all our cattle before we left.

June 2009-Bought more calves from cattle market in S.C. Another dermatologist visit and more bad news,he found a squamous cell cancer on my leg,will have to cut again in August. G-son enjoyed sister-in-laws pool.

July 2009- Had a huge garden and getting rain at the right times to make it grow well.Started this blog so I could leave a history for future generations to know what my life was like.

August 2009-Good news from dermatologist,didn't have to re-cut. Daughter got a new job,had our house re-plumbed and a well drilled. Busy month of canning and jelly making.G-son enjoyed a week of Bible School.

September 2009-Apple festival,mountain fair,block blast, old timey days all this month. A hail storm that destroyed the remaining apples for a lot of farmers and the rest of our garden, then a major flood caused by a minor hurricane.Daughter's long time boyfriend that she was planning to marry decided to go his merry way,breaking her heart.Found numerous leaks in our roof,put huge tarp on roof.

October 2009-Another week on Sunset Beach with entire family this time.Decided to build a sunroom on back deck and re-cover front porch before putting new metal roof on.G-son was sick on Halloween.

November 2009-Under construction on both sides of the house. Another tropical storm flood,cattle almost drowned, breast cancer scare,daughter begins baking and selling with me at market, rainy month.

December 2009-Construction finally finished,major snow storm dropped 11 inches of snow then cold weather kept it around from 18th-the end of the month,had a wonderful Christmas.

And that brings to an end another wonderfully Blessed year for me and my family. I'll ask the Lord's Blessing on the new year for us and all my blog reader friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR and Good Night.

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Traci @ The Bakery said...

Wow! I don't know about you, but after a year like that I am sure I would be ready for 2010!! I like the amazes me how much our mind lets us forget things from just a year ago. About your daughter, I had one GET MARRIED and 8 days later was back home....arrrggghh. I should have listened to that still quiet voice and boycotted the never would have happened if we had. Not going to ignore God when he talks to me anymore... Anyhow, God uses it for the good, and she is a much stronger gal out of it. We are a stonger family because of it! I love the toilet paper bales of hay also...we just pick up, put down and unroll....LOL. Have a blessed new year!!!