Friday, December 4, 2009


Took a chance and baked cakes this morning! Snow predictions differ with everyone you hear.
Windows and door for my sunroom came this morning and by 1:00 the builders had them all in,wonderful..G-son came late morning and went right to work on his Christmas tree,he was so cute ,I'll bet he took the ornaments on and off that tree 6 times today.I was finishing decorating my kitchen/dining room today,these are some of my dearest decorations.a lot of them are handmade or have special memories also. The old wood stove in my dining room is a perfect place for my village and this tree with all handmade ornaments,most made by a friend who used to have the stand next to mine at market.Several years ago I ran across some ornaments that were perfect for a kitchen/dining room tree lighted with "Frosty the snowman" lights as g-son says. This is the tree that will move to the sunroom if it gets finished in time!
All during the year I am always on the look out for Christmas decorations, when garage sale or thrift store shopping, and last summer I stopped at an apartment complex at a large sale on my way home from market one day. There I found the slim tree that is in front of the french doors above,I remember the lady there kept giving me things to go with it,lights and a bag of red apples that she hung on it. When I got home I just took it all and put it with my other decorations,so today when I put the tree up and got some of the apples out to put on it I noticed some ziplock bags under the apples. One of them contained some old bobbins from old petal sewing machines and a sewing kit. I caught my breath when I took the other one out because it contained heavy coins.I really didn't know how to feel,I remembered the sale was a moving sale,that's why the lady was giving me things,she just wanted rid of the stuff she couldn't move,the location was a commons area of the complex,so it would be next to impossible to track down the owner. And I will admit that Christmas miracle did cross my mind!!!! I spent over a hour on the internet trying to find value of the English coins and discovered to my relief(dismay) that they (at least 3 of them) aren't exceptionally valuable. I could never find info on 1 of them,however the 3 silver ones are very heavy silver and collectors will buy them. I couldn't find the far right one anywhere,even on e-bay so I'll just have to wonder about that one. I learned a lot about Queen Elizabeth ll in my search,also the top one has a picture of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on it. The bottom one is just an English penny worth about as much as an American penny! Anyway these made for an interesting evening for me.As I keep telling the kids,I'm setting them up for a trip to Antiques Roadshow one of these days.
Hubbie and I finished work at church while daughter baked.I feel like I'm forgetting that this is Friday night,I always am baking or icing cakes on Friday night's but everything is already done today.
Had a delightful day,thank you Lord,continue to guide me in my walk of faith with you. Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

I love the view from the windows in your sunroom! Your village is real pretty and I know your grandson had a ball with that tree. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are having snow flurries this a.m.