Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Market parking lot was a nightmare this morning,we had to tip toe across solid ice to get to the door. Daughter carried all our cakes across this ice,thank goodness for her being there,I could not have done it. I patted myself on the back for making it across once! Amazingly no one fell all day. We did pretty good all things considered.We both are going to have to bake some for Thursday. I guess some of the vendors really got upset when they heard about closing the market yesterday and called the board chairman raising cane to open with Christmas orders. He wanted to just close so he hadn't tried to get the parking lot scraped until he found out vendors wanted to come.Maybe next time he will think ahead a little.
Today was our annual up town shopping trip so after market we left our cars and walked up one side and down the other of our little town. It began getting dark as we finished our shopping and I made these pictures,I told daughter there's no telling how long it will be again before we'll see this much snow on the Christmas decorations down town!
It definitely felt like Christmas with snow,lights and Christmas music playing from speakers on the sidewalks.We helped the economy out just a little bit as neither of us found a lot we had to have. We got back to our cars and daughter headed off to see her "little sister" and I headed to mail a package and pick up some baking supplies. I made it home around 7:00,unloaded and got out all my gifts I have bought to see actually what I have and what I need. As I was going through them,hubbie walked in and said he wanted to go to Walmart to do his shopping. So we headed out,that's a man for you,he did all his shopping in less than an hour!! I've been working on mine for over a month and still don't have it done.Plus I really don't like buying gifts at Walmart,although I really don't know why. I guess I figure as much time as we all spend in there if there is something in there you want you already bought it. When we got home I baked my cake layers so I won't have to do it tomorrow morning as we have another shopping trip planned. Hang in there legs and feet Christmas only comes once a year!! I really enjoy shopping with daughter,she and I have similar taste in things so all the stores we go to we both really enjoy.
The gutter guy is suppose to come tomorrow but all the ice hasn't slide off the roof yet so I don't know if they will be able to put them up or not. Hubbie gets off work early tomorrow so he will be here anyway when they come if they come in the afternoon.
As we shopped today daughter was buying some ornaments in one of the stores when she ask me which ones I liked,I looked at the choices, I guess I looked to long as she said I know you don't like bought ones but I don't have any kids to make ornaments for my tree yet! That said I thought how happy I was that she noticed I still use those ornaments they made.All these colorful ornaments have the name and date on the back, as you can tell some of the kids had the same teachers. These are only samples of the many I have ,I've never thrown anything away that any of my kids made for me and I will always treasure everyone. My tree is always special and full of memories.
As the early morning hours have caught up with daughter and I and our baking I'm sure I'll sleep good when I actually do get in bed.
Another Christmas season day comes to a fulfilling end as I am enjoying every minute and making the days last as long as I can. These are special times,everyday is special in one way or another we just have to live it to the fullest and trust in God with all our hearts. Good Night and Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Your town is so magical looking at dusk with the snow on the ground. That ice in the market parking lot looks treacherous - glad nobody fell on it. Your daughter and you sound a lot like when Mother and I shopped together - we enjoyed the same type of store and always had loads of fun. Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!

Claudia said...

I love ornaments made by children, specially when it's your own, it just makes it extra special!!

We have few already and Nico's only 3 can't imagine throughout the years how many we'll have, how exciting!!

Count your blessings that you didn't fall on the ice, I know of a lot of people who got hurt yesterday down town because the ice was so bad.

Hope to see you Christmas Eve at the Candle Light Service.

Merry Christmas!!